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Lava League, OU Week 1


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Lava League, OU Week #1





All matches must be played by Sunday September 26th at 8PMEDT.

A referee must be present for your match. Referees are Läva Commander and above.

DND and Link must be on.




Group A

Wallaro vs MonkeyDMathew

HeroGarou vs LimbowRed

xLarz vs MNVT


Group B

Deploic vs Skills

darmoiZ vs Havsha

Repposh vs Skipping


Group C

Terresa vs Edwardinho

elpoetaFPO vs ArvyCVS

Jaafri vs NzAdam


Group D

xSpunk vs wooozu

BielDarkzin vs TezcatYT

Taystee vs PoseidonWrath

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