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LCPL Week 1

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Hey so here it is. If you have any questions ask your manager or check the general thread
Regular Season Round Robin: Bracket Pool



Tenacious Taillows (3) Vs The Legends Never Die (3)

OU1: QuinnW vs Enchanteur

OU2: Gabuchox vs Sebat

OU3: Badbaarsito vs awaLLz

UU: YettoDie vs SnowOT

Doubles: OrangeManiac vs YJos

SWSHLC: Goldeneyes vs ElCoolio


Luxurious Luxrays (4) Vs Munya's Mienfoos (2)

OU1: Azphiel vs killuacuba

OU2: Queest vs PedroLindoUnico

OU3: KokenoCastro vs TomaselioMP

UU: Tawla vs Havsha

Doubles: Gasyflour vs EEDays

SWSHLC: Urquidi vs Rigamorty


Rare Rayquazas (4) Vs The Scary Scraggys (2)

OU1: xWhinkz vs AngelosRed

OU2: DarkQuiler vs TheDH

OU3: Filantropia vs Hernjet

UU: BartekDolar vs tMoi

Doubles: Zigh vs Mkns

SWSHLC: AkaruKokuyo vs Zbleex



Deadline Sunday, 19th of September at 11:59 PM GMT

Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP!

Remember to post your scheduled battle time in this thread or the discord at least 10 minutes before it starts.

All battles shall be played in Vermillion Channel 4 PC.

Also don't forget to post team previews in the #tp-screenshots section of the discord. A duel can be deemed void if this doesn't happen.


We'll be using usage data for the future implementation of NU and tier movement ty

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