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Disable the erroneous in-game breeding calculation tooltip



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When you brace both mons, for the other stats old man tells you that there is 1/12 chance of high roll, 1/12 chance of low roll and 10/12 chance of average.
But the real odds are 1/8, 1/8, 6/8 respectively.
When you brace one mon and give an everstone to the other, old man shows 1/6, 4/6, 1/6 chances.

But the real odds are 1/5, 3/5, 1/5 in this case.

Even if the old man showed correct odds, it could be misleading cuz some ppl would think "oh then there is 1/8*1/8=1/64 chance of having high high rolls on two stats" when the two are complement cases.

As for other cases the old man prolly shows accurate calculations but giving no item to one or both of the parents is basically unsignificant in most scenarios anyways lol

@Munyajust for clarification, the tooltip I am referring to is not the breeding UI itself but the probabilities information we get when we hover over the stats.

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