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Please Expand the Friends List




It's been awhile since the friends list has been expanded to its current 250 player limit and I hope we could see this expanded further somehow.
I'm a pretty active player and have many active people as friends and I run out of room and have had to remove people I don't speak with often.

What makes this limit hard for me is I do have some friends that don't log on often but I would never delete them due to just inactivity.


I hope to see an expansion in the future so I can keep my old friends and keep making new ones 🙂




Here is the last Expansion Changelog:



List of People I have deleted form My Friends List, rip

  1. Marishha
  2. Jwern
  3. Bobussaurus
  4. DDeathMontash
  5. Vaaavs
  6. Programing
  7. juccubus
  8. oldasstrainer










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