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  1. 1. Pokemon mounts when surfing instead of the blue blob? e.g Lapras!


I remember the I first saw the surf animation when I first played FireRed on the GameBoy and being so disappointed that it wasn't an actual Pokémon default of some sort!


I think it would be AMAZING to see surf mounts implemented in game. They could be purchased in the Gift Shop like bicycle mounts and traded via the Global Trade Link. 


Please Please Please PokéMMO, do you what you do best and make this happen for all of the PokéMMO fans! ❤️


Here are some images I found online, credit to the artists who made them ! 


d9ayd4z-555752e5-eb08-4bec-8096-1ab57106f30b.png.8a339a84b46ebc56180f2b7b66826864.png                       images.png.65bdc3671f4b99f82564de817dad7750.png 

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I like this idea, but it seems hard to execute, like okay surfing with a Lapras, fine, but how do you do it with a mon like Pikachu, or Smeargle? And this post seems to focus on surf using a mon neutral sprite, but like fly does that as well, but i don't see that being mentioned. 

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@Financier thanks for the reply! 

I agree, I think it would be hard to execute if it were mons like Pikachu or Smeargle. I think it would definitely be better if it focused more on the Pokemon who can surf in game and more realistic options, like a Lapras, or a Mantine. 


I'd like to see this idea implemented with fly also, but as fly is a click and go move, i didn't think it was a viable option. We can't fly around like we can surf around. and this would mean adding an entire new gameplay option, which would be even more difficult to execute.




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