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PokeMMO World Cup 4th Edition - Semifinals

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PokeMMO World Cup 4

Playoffs - Semifinals



The PokeMMO World Cup is a country based tournament hosted by members of the community. It's the 4th instalment of the PokeMMO World Cup.



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Rules & Guidelines



What is the PokeMMO World Cup?

PokeMMO World Cup tournament is a team tournament, in which you're placed alongside with your fellow countrymen to battle out for the spot to be the #1 national team of PokeMMO. This is strictly a PvP event.


Tiers: OUx2, UUx2, NUx2, DB, LC


Little Cup: 




Group Stages

There are four groups this season (Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D), each accommodating six teams.

A seeding system was created to balance out the competition inside the groups. There are three seed categories: Top seed, Mid seed, Low seed. The way teams were put in each seed is based on Hall of Fame entries (this includes: official wins, #1s and other pvp related tournaments such as player of the month). We then gave out points according to the amount of HoF entries a player has:

1-4 HoF = 1 Pt, 5-9 HoF = 2 Pts, 10+ = 3 Pts.

Afterwards, all the points were summed up, and I ordered the teams based on highest to lowest points.

The first 8 teams are the Top seeded teams, the next 8 teams are the Mid seeded teams, and the bottom 8 teams are the low seeded teams. Now, how do these seeds come into play? Each group, as I've mentioned, has 6 teams. Of those 6 teams, there are 2 top-seeded teams, 2 mid seeded teams and 2 low seeded teams.

All matches must be played in the group stages as it affects if a team goes through to the playoffs or not.

A tie in the group stages is worth 1 point. A win in the group stages is worth 3 points. A loss in the group stages is worth 0 points.

The top 2 teams of each group will go through the playoffs.



Playoffs are single eliminations, meaning that if you lose the game you are out of the tournament. Most of how a game functions is similar to normal weeks.


Tie Breaker:

OU, Manager Choice A, Manager Choice B



Once the week’s forum post is created, players will have 5 days (this doesn't include the day of forum post) to schedule their battles. In order to contact your opponent, you can either DM them on Discord or send them an in-game mail.


Captains are responsible for their teams' availability. They also will need to check their teammates and inform if there is any lack of communication between your teammate and opponent.


It is each player’s responsibility to communicate clearly when scheduling. Be especially aware of time zone differences. Use time zone converters if you find it convenient to do so.


If one of the parties fails to respond in that timeframe, proof must be given to the host on the 6th day of the week. The team of the player who failed to schedule either tries to get the match done, or they are enforced by a sub who is able to play at the requested times.

- If no sub is able to play at those times, the other gets an activity win.

- If a sub is able to play at those times, they both must attend the match.

- Extension can only be given once.


If both players attempted to schedule their match but are unable to do so for whatever reason (time zones, etc). Both players are forced to sub.


Players would need to provide at least 3 different times.


If no player attempts to schedule a match until the end of the 5th day AND if they don't show up to play at the end of the week, both teams are forced to sub, and an extension is given. After this sub, any rule stated previously still applies.


If a player is 15 minutes late to a match, the on-time player or their team should reach out to the late player’s team or host to notify them. If the player has not shown up 30 minutes after the set was intended to start and no suitable substitution is provided, the on-time player may request an activity win. If they do not wish to take an activity win, they may instead request to reschedule the game. If the late player is 15 minutes late once more to a rescheduled game, their opponent gets an activity win by default.


The player(s) that fails to schedule their match will be automatically suspended to play the upcoming week. If the player keeps repeating this behaviour, they will be removed from the event.


Activity Wins can only be given as a last resort option. If the player you have scheduled with has not responded and there are 2 days left & no subs were provided by the captain by the end of the week, the player can request an activity win. It is in your best interest to avoid callouts of activity wins from your opponent. 


On the day of your match

It's showtime! You have built your team, you have done your calculations, and you have scouted your opponent to the best of your abilities. What now?

10 minutes before your scheduled game starts, you must post that your match is starting on the forum post. You can ask anyone to do it for you.


All matches must be done in Kanto, Vermillion, Pokemon Center, Channel 4.


All matches must be supervised by either a host, council member, video recorded, or a captain that is not involved with either player.


All games must be played with Do Not Disturb chat (Type /dnd in chat to enable/disable), and both players + supervisor must be in a link chat.


If a supervisor is not available after 5 minutes of the scheduled time, both players will be able to play their game with DND on. Make sure in this scenario that you have taken a screenshot of the result and post it on the forums. If there is a dispute about the game, notify one of the hosts so that the problem can be solved.


For Little Cup (rip) matches, send a duel with the tier “Over Used” and Level Cap set to 5.


Once your match has concluded, post the results on the forum post. Again, anyone can post this.



A disconnection implies a user going completely offline (due to a power outage, connection issues, etc.) and the timer running out completely, making the disconnected player lose automatically.

No rematches are enforced, unless:

- The player disconnected before the 3 turn mark. In which case the disconnected player MUST send their team to the hosts up to 30 seconds after they log back OR send their teams via discord/forums before they log back (preferable).

  - In the instance no host/small council is present at the time, the disconnected player has to send their team to another player of the opposing team (Team means pokes + items + moves + spreads).


Otherwise, the opposing team is granted the win.

Note: The first # turns must be played the same. It’s up to the hosts/council to declare whether this disconnection is valid or not.



Disconnections during turns 1 to 3 will be given as rematches if the moves are plausibly replayable. If the first 3 moves are simple setup moves (e.g. stealth rocks, screens, sd, np etc...) or attacking moves (with no effect added onto it when the move was done e.g. flamethrower but no burn), then the game will be replayed. Elements such as criticals, low chances of burns/freezes/paralyse, below 100% accuracy move missing, etc... are simply not timely replayable as they would take a few attempts to get those results again. If the opponent of the player that disconnected wants to give conditions about the damage rolls range then that can also be respected by the disconnected player. After disconnection, both players must send their teams to the host/referee immediately to avoid any changes. This is strictly a dispute between both players and the host/referee.


Other important rules


When a dispute arises between two players, the first attempt to resolve it should be between the two players in question. If they do not succeed, they may turn to their captains instead. The captains should only seek resolution from the host if they are unable to come to an agreement.


In the event that a player refuses to listen to the host or council decision regarding a mid-game dispute, they may be punished with a game loss (whichever is deemed more appropriate by the staff member handling the dispute).



Cheating (or obvious attempts to cheat) will be punished with a game loss, and the player(s) will be disqualified from the tournament. The following are considered forms of cheating:

- Ghosting. (any outside assistance during a match, eg teammates suggesting plays during a set)

- Coaching. An often more capable player that informs another player of what moves to make. It’s a practice that is strictly forbidden for this tournament. 

“In our mind, there is only one way to coach correctly. Before and after the matches. If you really care about your teammates winning, make an actual effort to make them a better player. Discuss strategies, teams or even counter teams with them. Make them capable and independent. This is how we create a stronger competitive environment. Pokémon is like a game of chess, do you see chess coaches whisper moves into their students’ ears during a tournament? No, they put effort into coaching before and after matches. The same applies to Pokémon.” - quote from philosopher ThinkNice.

- Impersonation.

- Falsifying results.

- Bribing, collusion, or any other attempt to influence the outcome of a game by way of means outside the game itself.


Small infractions

Small infractions will lead to a warning. 2 warnings will lead the player from being suspended for 1-2 weeks. Warnings encompasses: 

Harassment, unresponsiveness, lack of effort to schedule matches, showing up late for matches without notice, not announcing matches soon enough or disrespecting teammates.



Main Thread: https://bit.ly/3g3o977

Rules Documentation: https://bit.ly/3v5MQ7b

Main Spreadsheet: https://bit.ly/3gZUOuN

Challonge Bracket: https://challonge.com/PokeMMOWC4

Betting Thread: https://bit.ly/3h5dM3n

Player signups [closed]: https://bit.ly/2ShZBhD





Forum name: @Limbow

IGN: LimbowRed

Discord: Limbow#8227






xMago, PizzaConewe


Semifinals Matches


germany-6-.png.cb2477859c2e692c53d878295ee9b617.png Africa [4] vs [4] Venezuela Arepera vene.png.0e7c982769bb227a9777b0d2b126ad2e.png

OU1: Lunarck vs ZacM

OU2: Jaawax vs Gabuchox

UU1: PoseidonWrath vs EpicVerde

UU2: Havsha vs Wallarro

NU1: Tawla vs tMoi

NU2: Kanicula vs Mansterix

DB: Azphiel vs GabrielAZ

LC: TheDH vs Clayclover



germany-6-.png.28ea709aef4a3256474c4fc835be7a79.png Africa [0] vs [2] Venezuela Arepera vene.png.0e7c982769bb227a9777b0d2b126ad2e.png

OU: Tawla vs Wallarro

NU (Picked by Africa): Kanicula vs tMoi

DB (Picked by Venezuela Arepera): Azphiel vs Gabuchox


Tiebreaker deadline: Tuesday 7th September 11:59pm BST



china.png.b45f234616c808e82d635506560b4b19.png China [5] vs [1] Chile chile.png.9b6ce87dc32c475c8027be257f7714da.png

OU1: ZireaelCiri vs Starkles

OU2: Heichicoda vs DylanWoodz

UU1: loveyun vs SnowOT

UU2:sgerard vs Sebat

NU1: woxiangsinile vs Cjmystogan

NU2: Cogeid vs MendeeZ

DB: Mislandier vs Redav

LC: Queest vs WarwitoX



Matches can be played from Sunday 29th August 03:30PM BST until Sunday 5th September 11:59PM BS


Make sure you announce your matches in the forums & discord (if possible) so that you can bring as much hype to your matches!

You can also post your schedule here and on the discord.


Donation can be sent to: WorldCupFour


Discord: https://discord.gg/8dyQytqNGz


Let the show commence!

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