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LCPL Manager Sign-ups

Manager Poll  

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  1. 1. Which potential manager(s) would you like to play for?

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Too lazy to wait til midnight gmt so


Manager Sign-ups are now open!



gonna rip more psl rules

1- What are you, as a manager, expected to accomplish?

  • Be present at the time of the auction
  • Send, to a soon to be identified staff member, a team roster each week 
  • Ensure they, and their players, know and respect all rules stated in the general thread
  • Putting in effort

  • Managers WILL be allowed to play

  • As LC was removed from official play in PokeMMO, it's highly recommended that a manager understands and is competent in ALL of the formats being played to be able to motivate and mentor newer players


2- How to apply?

  • Post in this thread under the following format:
    • IGN:
    • Accolades:
    • Fluff:


3- When is the deadline?

  • 30th of August (00:00 GMT)


4- What's next?

  • 6 managers will be selected (An additional 2 will be kept in mind depending on if the player sign-ups are sufficient to fill 8 teams) based on how well they are expected to perform. For this reason, make sure you post a serious application.
  • Player sign-up
  • Auction
  • Start of the season.


5- HYPE????

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  • IGN: TheDH
  • Accolades: Winning in LC since 2017 just HoF my name (TheDH and TheDrakeHope )
  • Fluff: it’s been like 4 years that I’m playing lc as my main tier and 2years that I play big event like WC and Psl as the main LC of my team with always good ratio. Now I want to be in the other side as a manager I have the experience and ressources to help everyone in my team ( + the HYPE as a motivation )
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4 hours ago, PedroLindoUnico said:

IGN: PedroLindoUnico

Accolades: I can make some jokes and pay $ to the player that win

Fluff: When I used to play tours seriously I went to a finals of a mamoswine tour and semis of a sigi

Fluff 2: In einstein LC tours I usually go far and i am tc of lc

Quinn is right, we definitely need a dislike button

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