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No need of a title, this topic will get close or delete anyway.

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Hi again.


So i write a topic about a conversation where i get mute for nothing. The topic get close, edited by someone who got the rights to do it (delete the screenshots of course) then answer this : We do love to talk to players within the community. Damn, i can't tell a joke about MST without getting muted but at least some people can still makes jokes while muting others. 😂


More seriously, just a reminder : First, we tell those that think differently, speak differently or are different to shut up. Second, we exclude them from the group. Third, we decide that those pariah are sub-humans and have no rights so we can exploit them, abuse them, etc.

Read some books about history and analyse what is the ending of this cycle before participating to this kind of no liberty expression rights. The cycle already began irl and now begins in the virtuel too. 


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