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PokeMMO World Cup 4th Edition - Week 5

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Final Week Recap

Africa won against Rest of Europe.

Rest of America won against Rest of Asia.

Argentina won (wat) against Cuba (Incomplete).

West Europe won against Venezuela Criolla.

USA won against Brazil.

Venezuela Arepera won against Philippines AdoBoiz.

Chile won against Portugal.

Madagascar forfeited giving the win to Peru.

Germany vs Mexico is on hold(Incomplete).

The spanish team was DQ'ed.

Colombia won against Philippines SiniGang (Incomplete).


With these final results, here are the Top 8 qualifying teams for World Cup 2021:

1. Africa

2. West Europe

3. Peru

4. China

5. Rest of Europe

6. Venezuela Arepera

7. Chile

8. Rest of Latin America


The Quarterfinals Matches will be:

Africa vs Rest of Latam

West Europe vs Chile

Peru vs Venezuela Arepera

China vs Rest of Europe


That concludes the Group Phase of the Tournament!

I want to thank all the 16 teams for participating in the tournament. These were five very long and challenging weeks, and every team tried their best to get into the top 8. I have nothing but good words to say about each country that couldn't qualify (sorry for bad grammar xd):


Team Rest Of America: This team was initially made last minute as the more prominent Latin American countries had such an influx of players (needing to cap player size on 20) that they needed a place to put those who didn't make it to the final team but still wanted to play in the World Cup. With Captain MomoLaPepa, the team transformed from what it was meant to be a team for "fun and experience" to a full-fledged scary team, and it was quickly shown by the tie against Top-Seeded team Argentina. They fought through the end, coming 3rd place in the most active group of the tournament. Some of their players proved those bigger teams wrong on not picking them, and hopefully, we will see them again; hats off to you guys!


Team Rest of Asia: You guys had a rough start as you needed to come up with a captain and cut off some players to make it to that 20 player limit in such a short period. Alongside eren spamming, Captain xMikasaAckerman, a team that had players that barely knew each other, came together to make a strong lineup for every week. Of course, the biggest highlight of this team is Kupo winning an LC match. The team has many potentials, and I can't wait to see them in the future!


Team Argentina: shame.


Team Cuba: Where on earth were these guys the past few years? Managing to have player signups over the 20 player limit. Despite being last in the group, the team had a great debut, coming close against team Africa and defeating Shame Argentina! Hopefully, we can see these players improving and come even stronger next year!


Team USA: Ties! Ties! Jokes aside, this year's USA roster was as top-notch as any other year, a fan favourite, but simply unlucky and could not score those important winning games leading to a shortage in points, but definitely, a team that has the potential to be the best. Keep it up, everyone and... Jossue pp max your mons, please.


Team Venezuela Criolla: Venezuela Royale they called this tournament. How on earth did this one country manage to get double the player size limit (44 registered players), and of course, it only seemed logical to separate the team in 2. Initially, the two teams were divided into a strong Venezuela team (Arepera) and a "fun & experience" team (Criolla). But like  Rest of America, they did not joke around these past five weeks, giving every country a run for their money. Defeating Brazil, Philippines Adoboiz, and a tie against the USA gave them the chance to be one of the top 8 teams but were shorthanded when facing West Europe in the final week. Nevertheless, the team was brilliant and filled with players with the motivation to win.


Team Brasil: These Brazilians did not give up despite having rough starts. In the ending weeks, they started to pick up the standard of their team, almost qualifying, but they were shorthanded when it came to facing USA in the final week. This is probably what happens when you don't put PedroMemeUnico as captain.


Team Philippines AdoBoiz: At the start of week 1, they were already shorthanded by two core players and slowly, the motivation and panic of the team started arising. Despite not being able to shine as much as they could've as a collective Philippine team, this team has some great players such as RareBush. Hopefully, both Philippines teams can come together as a full-on roster ready to break boundaries next year.


Team Portugal: A short sized team but incredibly lethal. Team Portugal was looking to be one of the top 8 teams in the tournament but came quickly when faced against Chile in the decisive week. Nevertheless, this team proved that they have the potential like any other big team & hopefully, in the next world cup, we will see them qualifying!


Team Mexico: Tacos! The Mexican team keeps on improving each year. This year alongside captain Badbaarsito, they have managed to contain most of the past drama. They move forward by putting both already experienced players with new players and ready to prove themselves. They have managed to tie against the scary team that is Peru and still tried their best until the end. I cannot wait to see what they have in store next time!


Team Germany: Another concise but fun team. Team Germany is a team in which is filled with mates & the atmosphere they always gave out was of fun and won driven team. Despite the results, I hope they had fun during the five weeks, and hopefully, we can see them next year with a newly improved roster!

Team Madagascar: A newcomer of the tournament that, despite their lateness with replying to messages (xd), still had outstanding players ready to prove themselves with players worldwide. Next year, I hope that this team can commit more to the tournament from start to end cause it has the potential to be a great team.


Team Colombia: Last year's finalist could not score enough this year. Despite this, the team has become more mature following the leadership of Enchanteur. I am sure this team still has a lot to give and can reach the same heights as last year.


Team Philippines SiniGang: The 2nd Philippines also had issues with the player size and tier variety but tried their best regardless. The biggest highlight is iKreedo's win with a team that was the chaddest team I have ever seen. I cannot wait to see the Philippines as a collective team in the next world cup!


Spain & Korea: Despite the DQ on one side and the early leave on the other, I want to thank both teams for participating in the tournament. I am fully aware of the great players in both teams, and hopefully, it gave some of you some important knowledge and experience going forward through competitive tournaments.


Statistics & MVPs will be revealed in the upcoming days!

Be aware that the title of "Best Player" is given at the end of the tournament.


Again, thank you for playing & enjoy the rest of the show!


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5 hours ago, WorldCupMMO said:

Spain & Korea: Despite the DQ on one side and the early leave on the other, I want to thank both teams for participating in the tournament. I am fully aware of the great players in both teams, and hopefully, it gave some of you some important knowledge and experience going forward through competitive tournament.


Thanks for what lol,


"Gave some of you some important knowledge experience going forward through competitive tournament."


Yeh, ok, what a perfect description of Spain's tournament lmao, cya in WC5 anyways, I learnt a lot and gained lot of knowledge wow


Thanks for this """"educuational"""" tournament 👋



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