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Berry Harvest Time

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I've been playing pokemmo for couple of months now but never tried planting berries and I want to give it a go. I'm aware about the watering process and the interval when watering it but when it's ready to harvest, is there a limited duration before it wilts? or I can harvest it anytime I want? let's say my berry is ready to harvest at 12:00 am, can I still harvest it at 9am without it wilting or lowering its yield?

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If it is ready to harvest at 12am you cannot harvest it at 9am as they are not ready. If you talk about waiting almost 24 hours, they will be withered / dry. The more time passes from when they are ready, the fewer berries it will give you when you harvest them, until they dry up and they will not give you any, losing what is planted. There are also berries of different irrigation times, not all of them are every 12 hours for their best / greatest production. Hopefully it will serve you and good luck in your adventure!

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