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Global Hide N' Seek

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August 14th, Saturday, 2021




| 3:00 PM PST | 6:00 PM EST | 10:00 PM UTC | 11:00 PM BST | Time Zone Converter




Channel 5




-          There will be 3 rounds with 1 winner per round. There will be no time limit. 

-          In case 2 or more people find me at the exact same time, the winner of the round will be determined by two factors: who requests a trade with me first and who arrives in the same area as me first.




-          You MUST locate my secret base first. Upon finding it, you have to whisper me or NeilDown what clue is inside my base. The clue will be on a table. This lets me know that you followed the rule of finding my base first. You can let others know where my base is if you find it, but you CANNOT let them know what clue is inside. After finding me, you MUST request a trade. If you find me then find my base, you must still whisper to me what is inside my base and return to my hiding location to request a trade with me.

-          About 5 minutes before the start time of the event, I will leave to both create my base and to position myself in a hiding place. If you try to locate my base beforehand, you will be wasting your time. Secret Bases are in the Hoenn region only. 

-          After every round, I will change the location of my base, put a new clue in my base, and hide in a different region. I will also be on a different channel that I will announce via global

-          You can still join the hunt after the start time, but you will have less time to find me

-           In order to find someone's base, you MUST be friends with them or be in their team. You must friend request me before the event begins. Feel free to unfriend me after the event if you like, but you must be in my team or be my friend in order to have a shot at winning the event. 

-          Communication will occur through global chat.




@DragoTamer (I will be the one you friend)





1st Round Prize

1,549,405 pokeyen


2nd Round Prize

1,549,405 pokeyen


3rd Round Prize

1,549,405 pokeyen




Note: Anyone who donates will have their name and contributions listed here, unless they request otherwise. You can determine how you would like your donation to be distributed to the prizes or you may leave it up to me.


Bankruptcy - 1,500,000 pokeyen

aJellyFish - 1,000,069 pokeyen

BlueExusai – 500,000 pokeyen

LordHydra - 500,000 pokeyen

Bertolfoso - 500,000 pokeyen

PokeTrayner - 250,000 pokeyen





Q: Will you be in buildings?

A: I can’t say

Q: Can I join the event after the start time?

A: Yup 

Q: Can one enter tree bases without secret power?

A: You can get into any base without secret power. You will need HM, therefore a HM slave or ocarinas, to reach certain bases. For shrubs and walls, you’ll see a hole. For trees, you’ll see a vine. 

Q: Should I bring HM slaves?

A: Yes. If you have ocarinas, those can serve you just as well. 

Q: Should I battle trainers that I skipped before?

A: It might be a good idea to do that, unless you can confidently skip them again

Q: Will you move around?

A: Nope, I’ll stay put

Q: Can I work with people?

A: Yes, but how you share the rewards are up to you. I’ll determine placement according to two factors: who finds me first and who requests a trade with me first. 

Q: Should I know what certain decorations are/look like?

A: Yes. Sometimes you may not know what Pokémon a certain doll is. It would be a good idea to google them before the event to see


Q: Do we need a specific bike?

A: Maybe :3



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