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Raid Battles in PokeMMO



My suggestion is adding the Raid Battle Feature, A Randomic pokemon Appear in Certains Places, that to you acess, need a Pass(Consumable and Untradeable) to enter a Raid battle. You can buy this pass in Gift Shops and Receive one free in the same Gift Shop , for each 15 days, with a limit of number of pass that you can have in same time.

How is the possible Raid Mechanic?

The Pokemon that you Face have all stat raised in One Stage, when the fight begins. And the same has in LvL 100. To kept Fair and people don't try to Toxic the same and cure itself , until the same pokemon faint due to Toxic, You and your party(2-4 Players Co-op) need to Pick Rental Pokemon in level 85-95. At end of battle, the pokemon is Weaked 45 Levels, leaved with stat problem of Frozen and in 1 HP. All players that entered in Raid have your own individual battle after fight with friends and chance for Catch. then, you can choose Catch or Flee. For people that want to catch, appear your pokeballs that are in their bag, and people can try to catch throwing pokeballs. 

Additional Mechanics to Prevent Spamming entering in raid

- After Win a Raid, even if catch or not, need to Wait 48 hours before entering in another, for each account, not for each player. 
- All players that want to go in raid need to be out of our cooldowns and with your own pass

Mechanics and Prevent Money Farming With Raids:

- The catch pokemon Have Random Stats, and the IV somatoring in 100-186, Guaranteed a maximum of 2 IV 31
- The Ribbon Present in Raid Pokemons.

Possible Mechanics to make player Want to go in raid Battles:

- A 1/10000 chance to pokemon come Shiny in Raid.
- A 1/25 chance from Raid Pokemon come with a Hidden Ability
- One Gift for players that go to first time in Raid(All itens/pokemons Untradeable, to prevent Farming) that can have:
 - A non-Legendary Gift Pokemon of our choice, with 6 Selectable IV, 2 With the value of 0-31 and 4 with the value of 0-25, Choice Nature, Gender , Choice 2 Egg Moves 
 - 3000 BP
 - Untradeable 2 100RP Voucher
 - Free Untradeable Raid Ticket

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