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[Completed]Clefa tales late Spring Edition! 100% RNG no barrier to entry <3

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Clefairy Tales Narrative


The back story-

Unfortunately after a long time trapped in Oldens PC, they have some grudges they need to battle out. Cinderella is tired of cleaning up all the messes caused by the influx of bugs and dittos in their home. Snow White is flustered by the other princesses saying that there are no such things as dwarfs. Rapunzel is mad at the girls for telling her she don't have any locks of hair (or any hair at all). Belle is embarrassed by her fan fic about a piloswine being found. Come help them and solve this through battle! 


The thing your here for is cash (and a fun time) , and our pocket books comes to deliver->


       1st   - 1m

       2nd - 750k

       3rd  - 500k

       4th - 250k




JULY 24th 7PM GMT-7


If you lose, you're not out of the game, this is a two outs system, please don't leave until the tournament is over ❤️

This is a tournament using perfectly even Clefairy with Metronome move only.

The Clefairies will be provided before each match by staff, please don't bring your own.

We will use Challonge to determine who battles who, in a  double elimination mode.

All clefairy battles will be 1v1 and at lv.5, if anyone notices a error before the next round starts, that round will restart. If not, that round will continue

people will need to sign up in-game or on the forums at least 1 hour before event starts.


Final round will


Everyone will meet in Vermillion Ch2 ❤️


Tournament Logs









Snow White









Aurora (sipping on lemonade on the beach)

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23 hours ago, calidubstep said:

in it for that 750m second prize, time to get dq'd in the finals 

Staff! This man is scamming us! ez ban, thanks for pointing that mistake out ^^'

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Just show up at the place, and I'll start  registering people onto the bracket. Because there is a bunch of people,  I don't know who will show so it's just better to do it this way and take 10 minutes writing people's names down.

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