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Clefa Tales event This weekend

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o/ cuties!


After a couple months and a bunch of people asking, I'm going to open up another Clefa Tales ❤️


I have done the "smart" and reinvested my cash into holds. So I only have about 1m liquid. I will be accepting donations,  Please send them to my ign mail- Oldenman


I will also be selling some vanity/goodiebags to put it ALL towards the pot. I will be updating the list of donations as I go.

the pool will go between 2-5m because these events take a fair bit of time to do. 1-3hrs for 12-20 people. (double elimination is more fun for people)


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With the prices and doing a very conservative evaluation of shinny prices and donations, I'm looking at 36m if I sell everything that I listed.

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18 hours ago, EssDeeCee said:

Mailed another 750k. 3m + that shitty shiny vullaby should be decent for this first one?

I already have about 3m of my personal goods, gonna turn this into 2-3 events

I can also do non cash prizes, that will help out a fair bit

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