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Pvp reward - Gifted Comps



First of all, I am not a pvp-er, so I'm not exactly sure if this gonna be helping.


We have seen people complaining on how some gifted comps being unusable and rot in box.



Change the gifted comp (untradable unbreedable) to a 3x31 (or 4x31) non-tradable male dual egg-group breeder. (Note: male dual egg groups excludes dittos and male-only, and makes more options to be bred for players)


This would help players to develop their teams while not able to sell this reward directly.


It save costs for pvp-ers especially when there is new season, new environment and changes to tier list.



- New pvp-ers, rewards are more relevant

- Veterans, they could make some money after using suggested breeder and breed for others


- Duplicated species within short periods has less negative impact since they can be bred into other pokemons

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11 hours ago, Lvkee said:

Sadly the pvp prizes will never ever be changed, been made clear from the years of ignoring suggestions on them 😕 

Don't give up, I'm now trying to play pvp to know if these prizes are truly worthless

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