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NU team of untiered pokes help?

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Ok so the title is a bit of a lie, it's not all untiered pokemon but mostly. My current team consists of:


Lickilicky support: heal bell, wish, protect, dragon tail ( so it isnt ghost fodder and forces switches on set up pokes that it can tank a hit from ) leftovers

Throh: Bulk up, rest, sleep talk, circle throw ( I have a sawk as well but just like throhs aesthetic ) leftovers

Cryogonal: rapid spin, recover, reflect, ice beam ( this has actually been one of my more helpful pokes since I bred it ) leftovers

Skuntank: pursuit, tauant, poison jab, sucker punch ( since rotom is so popular it kind of goes against my throh really well ) black sludge

Eelektross: thunderbolt, flamethrower, giga drain, super power ( most of the teams I make I include a high coverage poke for surprise k.o. ) life orb

Rhydon: stealth rocks, earth quake, rock blast, mega horn ( horn catches the occasional slowbro that my team would otherwise struggle against ) eviolite


I have more NU pokemon but find myself struggling to make a cohesive team that doesn't have a gapping weakness to both venusaur and blaziken.

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