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Quick question about Staryu

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Just wanted to pop in and ask if Staryu used to be available in hordes? Somebody told me this game used to have them as a 3x horde somewhere.


Is this true? And if so, why was it changed?

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No hordes of Staryu's can be found in PokeMMO, and you can check it in-game using Pokedex-Wild Locations (Rarity: Hordes). 


As you can see in this Screenshot of Altaria.

If in past years was hordes it was because Sinnoh wasn't implemented yet and then they changed how and where the hordes spawn.

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, GodofKawaii said:

the staryu hordes were removed along with most of the wild and horde changes after we got sinnoh as for why, the mystery continues!


I want my shiny...and I hate not having a 100% horde for them...

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