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please what I did wrong

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9 hours ago, Thekingofglory said:

I want to be a staff,but they tell me I did wrong(I passed500)


Did you ever violate any rules? 



Posting thread here won't help, better ask from SGM personally.

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this isn't exactly a reply about you- more like a general explanation about how the recruiting works and what can be a reason for the player to not be chosen for a staff member position. So please, don't take it personally or as me telling you that you are not accepted. 


First of all, the requirements that we put for recruitment are just entry requirements. They don't guarantee for a player to be chosen -sometimes I get 'but I have 500 hours already" messages but the reason why at least 500 hours is required is the experience and knowledge about the game that the player has acquired during those hours. We might also decline a candidate that was known for toxic or very impatient behaviour in the past and there is no visible sign of changed behaviour. 
The experience of players differs. One is more solo-play oriented, the other is a social person but without really a bit of knowledge about the game itself. Some things also come with time.

When the player meets the requirements and messages us, we then check the player. We see if there were any punishments and if yes then how serious they were or when they have been given. We then check the activity of the player in general, to see if the application has sense and we don't get players who will join our team and not be here too much, if at all.

However, there are also few reasons why someone is not accepted. One of them is the simple fact that we could've recently accepted a lot of staff members and need to make sure they are properly aided first. A situation like this happened not so long ago, as an example.

We don't usually consider our team "full". It doesn't hurt to have more than one person in a timezone/language but when we get a lot of people for a certain position, and the candidate is not considered fully known to be a good choice, we simply choose to wait and see that person more.

A lot of candidates contact us only to be nowhere to be seen a few days/ week later, when not chosen immediately. Life happens but we don't want to waste ours and their time.  Our priority is to make all staff members properly aided in all fields, including mentoring and general help.

Lastly, we are forming a team. We spend a lot of time together and we aim to help the community and each other grow every day. We aim to bring people who we believe will be helpful and fit for the role. 


Sometimes I get messages like "I wrote to you last week and you haven't accepted me, and XYZ got accepted now" and yeah that happens too. Sometimes those accepted candidates were left before the decision as well and were simply accepted later.

To summarize- a player doesn't necessarily has to do something wrong. It might be that he/she is just simply not active enough for us to consider bringing him/her to the team, or not known by us enough to immediately see it as a good idea. Being rejected from joining isn't always final as well, and certainly doesn't mean that the player is not good enough, or considered worst than the staff that was chosen.

I speak from my perspective, but I'm sure other staff members would agree- any help that you, players provide is considered needed and makes that community as fantastic as it can be. You don't necessarily need a badge to do so. However, we do appreciate all of you who contact us to become part of a staff team.

As always, I will remind anyone reading this long message that I am always open to questions about the staff team, requirements, and any info you will possibly need. 

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