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Yes, I totally agree, we should see all items that are actually being used by opposing mons, because why should we try to predict which item is being used based on opponent's teambuild or how the opponent actually plays the mon which we suspect is scarf'd? We shouldn't even try to learn the metagame and figure things out by ourselves, hand it over to us on a silver platter.

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25 minutes ago, CaptnBaklava said:

Aqa is playing since 2014/2015 haha

True but they may have started comp later.


For example I joined in 2015 but only started competitive less than a year ago.


Anyway yeah, the whole fun of PvP is predicting - you can look at the matchmaking statistics to see what the most common items are used with the Pokemon, alongside checking the Pokemon's speed tiers to see if particular scarf mon outspeed other scarfed mon, etc.

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On 7/4/2021 at 3:59 PM, DarylDixon said:

Boy, it's summer how the hell you think pokemons would use the scarf

Being on the Northern Hemisphere I hadn't even considered the thought of putting a scarf on my Pokemon, but we should do something about all those Southern Hemisphere pals that have easy access to Choice Scarf while we don't

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