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PokeMMO World Cup 4th Edition - Week 1

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Week 1 has concluded

Here are the results:


Argentina tied against Rest of America.

Africa won against Cuba.

Rest of Asia won against Rest of Europe.

Venezuela Arepera won against Venezuela Criolla.

USA won against Philippines AdoBoiz.

West Europe tied against Brazil.

Peru won against Germany.

Chille won against Madagascar.

Portugal won against Mexico.

Rest of Latam won against Philippines SiniGang.

Spain tied against Korea.

China won against Colombia.


Activity wins:

Sebat was given an activity win due to AshHikari's (Y.Card) unresponsivness and no show on scheduled time on a Sunday.

Ernestocast was given an activity win due to Oorange's (Y.Card) complete no show during the entire week.


For both occasions no subs were given leading to an activity win.


Cali & imabetheverybest were granted wins due to their opponents (SWPlayer & Taleng) getting banned mid-week with no subs given.


Added/Adjusted Rules for Week 2:

Extended the time you need to schedule your matches to 5 days (Note that you don't have to stress yourself for a specific time or date, as long as both players can agree on a date/dates and time range, it should be fine. However, make sure you have proof of your scheduled time if it comes to a dispute of unresponsiveness or miss-communication). It is in your best interest to avoid callouts of activity wins from your opponent. 


Activity Wins can only be given as a last resort option. If the player you have scheduled with has not responded for those 5 starting days & no subs was provided by the captain by the end of the week, the player can request an activity win.


Disconnections during turns 1 to 3 will be given as rematches if the moves are plausibly replayable. If the first 3 moves are simple setup  moves (e.g. stealth rocks, screens, sd, np etc...) or attacking moves (with no effect added onto it when the move was done e.g. flamethrower but no burn), then the game will be replayed. Elements such as criticals, low chances of burns/freezes/paralyse, below 100% accuracy move missing, etc... are simply not timely replayable as they would take a few attempts to get those results again. If the opponent of the player that disconnected wants to give conditions about the damage rolls range then that can also be respected by the disconnected player. After disconnection, both players must send their teams to the host/referee immediately to avoid any changes. This is strictly a dispute between both players and the host/referee.


Week 2 will be announced on Tuesday 13th at 12pm BST.


Group A
Cuba vs Rest of Asia
Rest of Europe vs Rest of America
Argentina vs Africa


Group B
Philippines AdoBoiz vs West Europe
Brazil vs Venezuela Criolla
Venezuela Arepera vs USA


Group C
Madagascar vs Mexico
Portugal vs Germany
Peru vs Chile


Group D
Korea vs Colombia
China vs Philippines SiniGang
Rest of Latam vs Spain


Let the hype continue!

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