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PokeMMO World Cup 4th Edition - Week 1

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For Weekend Cup a lot of matches will try to be played at the same time. We will allow only 2 games at the same time. First set of players to put their match announcement (up to 10 mins before the match) will be the ones to play (first come first served basis).


The exceptions to this is if one of the players can only play at that required time frame or if both matches are predicted to last for more than 1 hour.

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Venezuela Arepera and Criolla had to sub players since their players cannot schedule with each other. Arepera could have taken a potential activity win but they fairly opted not to and subbed themselves.


The UU match is now between (Arepera) CarolML and TezcatYT (Criolla).


The player ZyzyxD (Arepera) was subbed for Gabuchox. The DB match is now between Gabuchox & JoseGreg.

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