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What is my luck? do the math, earn 100k <3

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I dunno what the catch rate is, but I’ll assume 10%, and I think lucky egg is a 5% hold chance?

so, .1 x (6 combin 2) x (1/32 ^ 2) x (31/32 ^ 4) x .05 = the chance to find a 2x31 chansey with a lucky egg and catch on first ball. btw, 6 combin 2 = 15


.1 x (1 - (31/32 ^ 6) - 6 x (1/32) x (31/32 ^ 5)) x .05 = the chance to find a 2x31 or better chansey with a lucky egg and catch on first ball.


You can also multiply in the 5% encounter chance if you like…


On my phone so not going to bother calcing it out.

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Not like it changes anything about its value, it's just a Chansey 2IV worth about 40k at the end of the day

1/78 the chance to catch a 2x31 pokemon according to 

8.8% official catch rate for Chansey (probably lower in MMO, say 7% cause balls are broken)

5% chance to hold lucky egg

That's a total of about 0.000045 which in odds gives you 1/22k


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Don't need any money btw, ggs tho xD
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