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PokeMMO World Cup 4th Edition - Betting Thread

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On 20/8/2021 at 12:32, DrakeHope said:

germany-6-.png.28ea709aef4a3256474c4fc835be7a79.png África [ 0 ] vs [ 0 ] resto de Latam germany-5- (1) .png.f4cd5ceeafdf55843863e206cfc777dc.png

OU1:  Jaawax vs Juanchoqui@InuYashaL

OU2:  Lunarck vs Waaynee@InuYashaL

UU1: PoseidonWrath vs Urquidi   @InuYashaL

UU2: Havsha vs InuyashaL  @YJosPagado

NU1: Kanicula vs Cristi 

NU2 : Tawla vs Haazuu 

LC: TheDH vs YEYOxD @InuYashaL


peru.png.1505fb1ccbdc7d74dffcee504de5c243.png Perú [ 0 ] vs [ 0 ] Venezuela Arepera vene.png.6384d47603d78033c3ed21c07b4343b2.png

UU1:  xAnderson vs EpicVerde

UU2: Huargensy vs Walllarro 


germany-4-.png.a75ed1a867a69731761ec361163403af.png Europa occidental [ 0 ] frente a [ 0 ] Chile chile.png.8340147d3412b6035ecebb34119b9734.png

OU2: Stelian  vs Starkles@SiWall

UU1: QuinnW  contra Sebat@SiWall


china.png.db2a7ae0bd22b405cd9642f3c436f451.png China [ 0 ] frente a [ 0 ] resto de Europa germany-3-.png.62bcf066ca785b05e5ca3cff5b0707df.png

OU1: Heichicoda  vs Alitizz

UU1: Reliefgouai vs Trelos = @AxelgorPagado

NU2 : Cogeid vs SlimMatt 200K por apuesta nula Si La suba / Actividad gana 1M África pasa a la siguiente ronda. 


@InuYashaL me debes 200k por ahora 

@SiWallStelian prohibido, así que la apuesta es nula, Quinn perdió. Te debo 200K. ¿Cuál es tu IGN?


why do i owe 200k? you owe me 200k


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Semifinals Matches


germany-6-.png.cb2477859c2e692c53d878295ee9b617.png Africa vs Venezuela Arepera vene.png.0e7c982769bb227a9777b0d2b126ad2e.png


NU2: Kanicula vs Mansterix @Thenavarro Paid

DB: Azphiel vs GabrielAZ

LC: TheDH vs Clayclover


china.png.b45f234616c808e82d635506560b4b19.png China vs  Chile chile.png.9b6ce87dc32c475c8027be257f7714da.png

OU2: Heichicoda vs DylanWoodz

UU2:sgerard vs Sebat

NU1: woxiangsinile vs Cjmystogan

DB: Mislandier vs Redav

LC: Queest vs WarwitoX @loveyun Paid


200K each players

Void if sub, dc, activity win

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Africa [0] vs [0] Venezuela Arepera


OU1: Lunarck vs ZacM


OU2: Jaawax vs Gabuchox 100k


UU1: PoseidonWrath vs EpicVerde


UU2: Havsha vs Wallarro 300k


NU1: Tawla vs tMoi


NU2: Kanicula vs Mansterix


DB: Azphiel vs GabrielAZ 200k


LC: TheDH vs Clayclover 300k


China [0] vs [0] Chile


OU1: ZireaelCiri vs Starkles


OU2: Heichicoda vs DylanWoodz


UU1: loveyun vs SnowOT


UU2:sgerard vs Sebat 100k


NU1: woxiangsinile vs Cjmystogan


NU2: Cogeid vs MendeeZ 100k


DB: Mislandier vs Redav 100k


LC: Queest vs WarwitoX

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germany-6-.png.cb2477859c2e692c53d878295ee9b617.png Africa [0] vs [0] Venezuela Arepera vene.png.0e7c982769bb227a9777b0d2b126ad2e.png

OU1: Lunarck vs ZacM

OU2: Jaawax vs Gabuchox

NU2: Kanicula vs Mansterix

LC: TheDH vs Clayclover


china.png.b45f234616c808e82d635506560b4b19.png China [0] vs [0] Chile chile.png.9b6ce87dc32c475c8027be257f7714da.png

OU1: ZireaelCiri vs Starkles

OU2: Heichicoda vs DylanWoodz

DB: Mislandier vs Redav


200k each

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