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Dangerous Record

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Dangerous Events!

(This is a Scrapbook for the Weekly event which is always announced in Global 🙂 ) If you were here let me know!

Also If It's not clear @DangerNuggetstarted all this and keeps it goin 😉 

Come and Join the Fun




At the Start:

DangerNugget, ImTheWalrusHere, NeilDown, MrMohBidoo, Fong, Stafixe, ChampionWallyHallograma

Friends that Joined Along the way:

 lolCup,  OGSnake, owlynxx,  Hallograma, AkitoMirai, TheRealDoc, DragoTamer, Sahmyyr, Hydra, GunzBlow(?), Bidoo, Techno, Lolita, MPDH, DrakkMord, BrokenBulb, MacroTanis, ThatGuyCrew, abrisk, YHIF, TopPokePlayer, XxOnePunchMonxX,



How we try to run this Event:

1. Event Charms are Popped at 5 PM PST (Unless Life Happens)

2. A Big Group Pic Is Taken 5 Min Before the Event at Target location on Ch4 (If Possible)

3. You Don't need to shunt the target Mon

4. You Don't need to shunt just come hang out

5. You Don't need to donate any Charms Just show up

6. If you wanna Donate and Make this Event Bigger feel free





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Slurp! Nidorino (by rumwik) | Pokemon, Cute pokemon, Pokemon art




The First Event


1st Big Event: 6/24/21

Location: Route 15 Ch4

Our Target Mon: Nidorino

DangerNugget the Big Sponsor: 4 Shiny Charms!

Hosts: DangerNuggets, ImTheWalrusHere, NeilDown, MrMoh !


Participants: Bidoo, Fong, Stafixe, ChampionWally, Hallograma

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On 6/24/2021 at 11:28 PM, Sethsen said:

Hello there. The thread has been moved to the correct section. If you want to host similar events in future, please post them in this section 🙂 Thank you! 


Have a nice day.

Thanks Seth  I didn't know where to put it lol

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poor Magikarp! - Album on Imgur


2ND Big Event: 7/1/21

Location: Sootopolis Ch4

Hunting: Magikarp

DangerNugget the Legend Sponsored: 4 Shiny Charms!

xXFongusXx  the Big Man Sponsored: A Shiny Charm !

Hosts: DangerNuggets, ImTheWalrusHere, NeilDown, MrMoh, xXFongusXx !


Participants: lolCup,  OGSnake, owlynxx,  Hallograma, AkitoMirai, TheRealDoc, DragoTamer, Sahmyyr, Hydra, GunzBlow(?), Bidoo, Techno, Lolita


If I missed You DM me 🙂

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3RD Big Event: 7/8/21

Location: Dragon Spiral Ch4

Main Hunting Target: Dratini

DBankruptcy/SDC the Mandarin Master Sponsored: 4 Shiny Charms!

DangerNugget the Legend Sponsored: 4 Shiny Charms!

NeilDown ...Fiish Sponsored: A Shiny Charm! 

BrokenBulb  the Firework Maniac Sponsored: A Shiny Charm !

Drakkmord  the Cookie Monster Sponsored: A Shiny Charm !



Hosts: DangerNuggets, ImTheWalrusHere, DragoTamer, MrMoh, MPDH, Drakkmord, BrokenBulb, NeilDown !


Participants: Hallograma, AkitoMirai, MacroTanis, ThatGuyCrew, abrisk, YHIF, TopPokePlayer, XxOnePunchMonxX, (And anyone who comments bellow 😉 )






Our 1st Event Shiny 


Caught By: ThatGuyCrew











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15 hours ago, Neuzzz said:

this post is more of a gallery posting images of a successful event than an event post, which is used to notify people to join. Is this decided on the spot?

Hey Neuzzz 🙂 Danger created this event. I am recording how it takes place and its success. Dangers goal is to make this event even larger so this post is too encourage more people to join in (Announcement) and also acts as a Scrapbook.  For the time being the Event location will only be announced in Global prior to the Event. If Danger wishes for me to make an announcement post Each Week I can do so as well. I don't mind chattin with ya 😉 


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