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EVs not being added to my pokemon

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For some reason, I can't destroy Gastly! I'm using a Buizel with the move pursuit, and it seems to do the same amount of damage even if I EV trained????? Do EVs not exist in the game????? OR is Gastly buffed up when compared to its game counterpart?????

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EVs exist in this game. And yes, this game is intentionally made tougher than the vanilla games. However various other factors such as the move's base power, your own pokemon's base power, IVs, nature etc etc go into consideration when fighting. Just because you are using a super effective move on a pokemon does not guarantee quick death of the opponent.


Also if you are farming Gastlys, they give Sp Atk EVs which boost special moves, since pursuit is a physical move it will not gain anything from Sp Atk EVs, that would require Atk EVs instead, so maybe that's the issue.

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