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Can somebody explain to me the details of how Altering Cave works?

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4 minutes ago, Katzukiangel said:

open cycle ordner
Than Pokemmo cycle GUI
Than have you a Pokemon display with Time up to the new cycle

The Datei Pw86fmj show you all cyclus (but there is still Shuckle in it this is out of date and the timer could be something wrong with you as mentioned)


I got it, at least it's mostly accurate and hopefully the timer is somewhat accurate. Do you know how hordes are treated, or all they all just Zubat?

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4 minutes ago, Katzukiangel said:

There are no hordes in the cave, there are only single encounters and every pkm that is displayed in the current cycle phase can appear

Oh, weak...I thought there would be some sort of advantage to going there as opposed to somewhere else the Pokemon occurs naturally.

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