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Can I get a Mentali, Noctali or Givrali in the first map ?

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To get Noctali (Umbreon), you need level up your Eevee with 87% happiness during the night time.

To get Mentali (Espeon), you need level up your Eevee with 87% happiness during the day time.

To get Givrali (Glaceon), you need level up your Eevee near an Ice Rock. (If enquiring about Kanto, this is in Seafoam Islands iirc)

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You can get Espeon (Mentali) and Umbreon (Noctali) while you train your Eevee (Evoli) in the grass patches for the Friendship



As for Glaceon (Givrali), you have to wait until the 6-7th gym

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15 hours ago, exxodream said:

Okay thank you, so what about Givrali ( Glaceon ) can I have him in Kanto, or wait 6 generation ?

Gilvali (AKA Glaceon) can be obtained in Kanto (you just have to Seafoam Island and find the Ice rock, just like @Akshit said

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2 hours ago, exxodream said:

Ahaha french names are the best, okay thank you, I was thinking about getting a Glaceon but I'm goinf for a Umbreon 

You also can go to the GTL and buy whatever you want

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