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Remembering Samehada v2.0 04/07/21

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As some people knows , its been soon 1 year since samehada left us , some players knows him and will always remember him, as for those who didnt get the chance to know him well he was just like you one of this community who left us due to heart attack , he was my best friend irl , we used to play this game together , he was kind to everyone , helpfull , a great player

its been one year since he died , i miss him every second in my life and i would never ever forget him since he was more than a brother to me.

Like last year i hosted a tournament for him and im still thankfull to those who donate , hosted with me the tournament and im going to do as same as last year.

may his soul rest in peace



Now for the tournament it will be a tag team tournament , Tiers will be OU NU LC (Try as hard as you can to carry your best friends) 



Date & Time: Sunday 4 july at 8pm gmt+2



Signup:  your tag team Name + players 

One hour before tournament time



Location Silph Co. Channel 5




Hosts: Me and still waiting for people's help




Rewards still waiting for people's donation to fix the prices



Donation: Feel free to donate whatever you want. IGN Tawla

                    Xsparkie 2.500.000

                    TheDh 1.000.000

                    Jaawax 1.000.000

                    excesar 3.350.000

.                   Kriliin 1,000,000

.                   Kanicula 5.000.000(thank you so much for this huge donation)

.                    Badbaarsito( xigbaar) 5.000.000 ( thank you so much for this huge donation)

.                    Exflammation 200.000

.                    Forfiter 1.000.000

.                    Sethsen 1.000.000

.                    Essdeecee 5.000.000 (thank you so much for this huge donation)

.                    MonkeyDMathew 5.000.000 (thank you for this huge donation)

.                   AwaxGoku 200.000 



                                                                                                                                 THANKS TO EVERYONE AND GOODLUCK


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27 minutes ago, DrakeHope said:


always here to help u host bro. 


We both know our bro is now in a better place. Rest in peace Samehada.

Thank you so much brother , may he rest in peace 

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28 minutes ago, MrMalz said:

Being real this is really sweet and caring! Glad you did this for your friend :) Just came from a post where u seem like you were unhappy, hope your doin good man. 

Thanks a lot bro , yes i'am dont worry

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