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Selling comps before leaving

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Yo I'm selling all my OU comps before leaving for a while (idk if I'll be back besides seasonals tour spring), could also sell NUs (I have a lot of them just ask) if anyone needs weird mons.

Most are going to be typically 2x31 or 3x31 and 27+ defenses, with some being perfect too in the pack (no 5x31 when not needed) 




If you want to have my OT before I uninstall, don't hesitate to ask for infos and make an offer, I'll accept as long as its fair. 

Have fun in this game if you still can 

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I also have shit IVs but those will be in GTL between 50k and 199k :)
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ill buy both the rotoms jellicents and the kingdra just hit me up on discord bro sad to see you go ;-; it was fun talking for the short time that i've known you for :)

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I sold a bunch of stuff and thanks for all the messages, but do not worry I might as well be back someday (not sure I would resist if they do dungeons or whatever else that would be hype to play)

Still got a lot more to sell but I see even my GTL offers all got sold out in 2 days so that's great


And I usually sell for whatever is offered to me that seems worth it, of course I'm most of the time selling for breeding cost or under, but I'm not down to get fully scammed either ^^ @Deploic


ItsGray I'll send you some mail tomorrow with what NUs I have yet to sell :) Bali I'll hit u up on discords UwU But sleeping time x)

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