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What is The Competitive Scene Like?

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PokeMMO has 4 main tiers in OU/UU/NU/Doubles which have a matchmaking ladder w/seasonal rewards, as well as daily tournaments. We also have community hosted events such as the World Cup, which just entered the signup phase.


If you're curious about what our meta is like, you can spectate any game of matchmaking, any tournament, or use the statistics page to see usage stats for each tier. 

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The competitive scene is also very active I'd like to add. People have in-game businesses off of competitive pokemon breeding. It usually takes a bit of in-game money to get started, so some players suggest gym rebattles with amulet coins or berry farming to help fund your teams. If you looked on GTL for competitive-ready pokemon (5x31 natured) they can usually be around to 500k-1m pokeyen. For first-time teambuilding however, I suggest you consider semi-comp pokemon (2x31 3x25+ and natured). Will save you loads of pokeyen while you figure out what works best for you! There are also plenty of content creators on youtube who do videos on teambuilding and current metas, it just takes a little researching on your end. You're also always welcome to message me in-game if you have a question, so don't be shy!


Looking forward to seeing you in the competitive scene!


-Drakk :)

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Try and get into a competitive team/club if you can. A good way to get into comp without needing a ton of cash up front is to borrow comps from friends / team members

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