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PokeMMO World Cup 4th Edition - Main Thread

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The Groups have been finalised!



Challonge Bracket:



Main Spreadsheet:



Week 1 matches:


Group A

Rest of America vs Argentina

Africa vs Cuba

Rest of Asia vs Rest of Europe


Group B

Venezuela Arepera vs Venezuela Criolla

USA vs Philippines B

West Europe vs Brazil


Group C

Germany vs Peru

Chile vs Madagascar

Mexico vs Portugal


Group D

Philippines SiniGang vs Rest of Latam

Spain vs Korea

Colombia vs China


Reminder that July tier changes are in affect straight away.

Important information regarding Little Cup:


Captains must send their lineups by Saturday 3rd 7pm BST.

Lineups can be sent either by DMs or dedicated country channel.


Week 1 will officially start on Sunday 4th.


Make sure to Donate to increase the hype of the tournament!

IGN: WorldCupFour


For further questions, please message @Limbow or on discord at Limbow#8227


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World Cup 4 Rewards & Conclusion


Best Over Used:


Juanchoqui (5 - 0) 6QxWToR.gif

Honourable Mentions: DylanWoodz (4-0), ChuckUnso (4-0), Elvess (4-1), Alitizz (4-1)


Best Under Used:


QuinnW (5 - 0) PF7g3rV.gif

Honourable Mentions: Trelos (4-0), ShellUny (4-1), DanielZF (4-1), Huargensy (4-0)


Best Never Used:


Kanicula (5 - 0) HEyx4Rn.gif


Best Doubles:


Gabuchox (4 - 1) 3M0vJH4.gif


Best Little Cup:


YEYOxD (5 - 0) lOyGcCD.gif

Honourable Mentions: TheDH (4-1), WarwitoX (4-1), Queest (4-1), Hernjet (4-1)


Breakout Player:


Gabuchox (4 - 1) 7Uz523t.gif

Honourable Mentions: DanielZF (4-0), ShellUny (4-1), Alitizz (4-1)


Best Captain:


For Professionalism & Quick scheduling.

xbingo (China) iGnEpbt.gif

For Fairness & Leadership.

ZacM (Venezuela A) wHTq5yy.gif


 Best Overall Player:


7 total wins (4 wins in weeks + 2 in playoffs + 1 Tie Breaker)

Gabuchox  qIATYVx.gif

Honourable Mentions: Kanicula 6w (5 wins in week + 1 in playoffs), TheDH 6w (4 wins in week + 1 in playoff + 1 TB), YeyoxD 6w (5 wins in week + 1 in playoff), Juanchoqui 6w (5 wins in week + 1 playoff), WarwitoX 6w (4 wins in week + 2 playoff), Queest 6w (4 wins in week + 2 in playoffs), Heichicoda 6w (4 wins in week + 2 in playoffs)


(Statistics in the spreadsheet could be innacurate here and there)


Cash rewards will be emailed.


This concludes World Cup 4!


I want to thank my fellow council members @xJoseee @RysPicz @calidubstep . They have helped me a lot when it came to important decisions or take over when I was not around & it was a pleasure working with them!


Specials thanks to: Teaar (GFX), MonkeyDMathew (Betting Thread), OrangeManiac, Mkns, Gbwead, Badbaarsito, Aerun, xMago (Rec), PizzaConewe (Rec), ChronoRike (Rec). (Might have forgotten some names xd)


Thank you all for playing this year's World Cup & Good Luck on next year!

- LimbowRed


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