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PokeMMO World Cup 4th Edition - Player Signups

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4 hours ago, WorldCupMMO said:

PokeMMO World Cup 4

Player Signups



The PokeMMO World Cup is a country based tournament hosted by members of the community. It's the 4th instalment of the PokeMMO World Cup.




Before signing up, please check the main thread: 



There are a few things you should know about this year's signup process (please read):

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1. For this year's World Cup, we will do our best to ensure that team composition goes as smoothly as possible. However, to guarantee this, we will need the community's willingness as well. This is why we would like every player that signups to represent the country they currently live in as a priority. if you are from a certain country please mention it in brackets (This counts only if you were born in that country not dual nationality) as there may be a chance you might be moved to that team instead. Do not signup for a country's team you're not involved in any way (players exposed for not being affiliated with the country will be automatically disqualified from the event).


2. This year we are also enforcing a minimum and maximum amount of player required for a team to be created or to be split. If a certain country cannot reach the minimum requirement, the players will be put into regions to the best of our abilities (E.g. Rest of Europe or Nordics - Note that we are trying our best to avoid this and to make every country where possible).  If the maximum is reached for a certain country, we would need to split a country into 2 regions (e.g. North and South). This is why we would like players to also mention which part of the country they live in when signing up (E.g. Country: US West or Peru South) to ensure that in case we run into such a scenario, we can act quickly to create the appropriate teams. If there are any known problems between players within the same country, these players may be separated to avoid any problems within the team. This entire process is complicated, and it might be the cause of delays, but we will do our best to contact every player from the big countries and come up with a fast solution. The final say on team formation is on the hosts and chosen captain(s) of the country. From current polls, we are estimating to make the minimum requirement of players 8 (5 tiers +3 subs) and a maximum 10 (double the amount of tiers) but this is subject to change.


3. If you play multiple tiers or all tiers but you want to mention your "main tier", bold the tier when signing up. Few teams may require you to play different tiers, so it's good to mention all of them.


4. This tournament will run for approximately two months, so please signup only if you assume you can be active for a long time. You don't want to leave your teammates hanging.


5. After signups and team creation, each team will have about 1 week to notify the hosts who the captain of each team will be. The captain is responsible for submitting his/her team's lineup for each week and responsible for substituting out any players during the week who aren't active.


6. The hosts of the World Cup are not allowed to play to keep the event fair and unbiased. However, the Council members are free to play.


7. GET HYPED! (for more drama)


Let's begin the signup process, shall we?

1- What are you excepted and what are some criteria you must follow?

  • Respect the host and your captain's decision.
  • Respect, understand and follow the rules stated in the link above.
  • Respect other players, especially your teammates and do not cause any personal drama (normal drama is fine, but let's not insult each other).
  • Willing to put the effort & playing games.
  • To ensure to be available for the tournament.
  • To have fun & to be hyped.


2- How to apply

  • Post in this thread, under the following format:
    • In-Game Name:
    • Country (please also mention North, South, West, East IF needed):
    • Preferred Tiers (No Showdown/Bold main tier):
    • Personal Note (optional):
    • Discord Tag (optional):



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In-Game Name:


Preferred Tiers:

Personal Note:

Discord Tag :


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In-Game Name: LimbowRed

Country: United Kingdom (I was born in Italy, but my parents are Spanish but I cannot play for Spain)

Preferred Tiers: OU, UU, NU, DB, LC

Personal Note: I am kinda good at losing tournaments.

Discord Tag : Limbow#8227



3- When is the deadline:

  • The signup process will end on the 22nd of June at 11:59 PM BST.



Feel free to express your opinions about this years signup process or what you'd be willing to see in the future.


Here is a live spreadsheet to view the players signed up: [To be published]


Make sure to join the PokeMMO WC Discord server to get live updates and to stay in contact with your team: https://discord.gg/exypb74XW6


World Cup 4 Staff:

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Forum name: @Limbow

IGN: LimbowRed

Discord: Limbow#8227



Forum Name: @xJoseee

IGN: xJoseee

Discord: FDShadow#1891





Special thanks to ThinkNice & pachima for letting me use their templates.





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