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Open PVP fashion trade



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Yes, because I really want to like those fashions that can only be obtained by increasing PVP points, but I have lost many opportunities because I am not good at PVP.

Therefore, opening their trades can allow players who are not good at PVP or who don’t have much time to play PVP can also obtain them. On the other hand, players who like to play PVP also have a certain source of income.

Thanks this is my suggestion


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It would provide additional incentive for matchmaking if these "exclusive items" could be traded and would also lead to further interaction between community members. One of the best aspects of any MMO is the ability for interaction of players and these items are much harder to be obtained than a tournament prize, thus not having as much impact on the economy.



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This. Adding on to what @DoubleJ said, it would provide a point of trade between wealthier players and PvPers. The way I understand it, if there's any interaction or trade at all between them, it's mostly money going to the wealthier players who supply PvPers with what they need to PvP, consolidating wealth among a small few. This would give PvPers something of value that the wealthier players might actually want to spend their wealth on as they likely wouldn't get those items any other way, thus circulating that money in the economy rather than hoarding it.

I also think more should be invested in secret bases/hideouts, with new items for those coming from PvP prizes. Player homes are a huge part of any MMO economy, and one of the few things top players and wealthy players spend money on, and bases are this game's built in version of it. Giving unique rewards (that can be TRADED) to PvP  players will breathe life into the economy and establish a more balanced system of trade.

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