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[Screenshot] Noobs say the darndest things

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43 minutes ago, KaynineXL said:

Jovi vs this random guy... Jovi links this convo.




classic :D

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On 4/21/2016 at 2:23 PM, GeneralVenican said:

>Helping newer players


Why didn't you just block him smh

or just scam for the 50k then block

Block + sell on gtl = same thing with less effort.

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4 hours ago, SirYurop said:



This shitty forums dont let me instert idk why


Thread needs more luv fam

I guess he just felt the 'urge' to troll/to be offensive - I think you know that feeling



I believe BuzzJunge was there as well back then. Given your mindset, I don't get why you two don't get along though, given that he is german and was member of "Team Österreich" [=Team Austria] before... :P

I do agree that this thread could use more input, so here is what else I was able to dig up:













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i wasnt trollin bro, that shit legit

Edited by SirYurop
downloadin ss b4 staff removes, wheres ma medal, im a hero

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7 minutes ago, AlitoFernando said:

Are you implying that our wiri is a noob ?


a very lud one

Edited by LifeStyle

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