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[Screenshot] Noobs say the darndest things


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[quote name='Orangeslash' timestamp='1360343901' post='189921']
Tell him I want him to fight my Umbreon.

He can only use psychic types.

in b4 kazam focus punch

EDIT: Also, this thread seems ok, but if you're going to contribute, please block out the names like Volpi did.

Well if you say that he/she is going to catch on that they're wrrong eventually.

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I didn't screenshot it but this happened with a specific person.

I just logged on

He: wtt shiny tentacruel and parasect
Me: I don't have any shinies or eggs, what do you want
He: no thank you

[email protected]$#@!*(#

Any anyway this specific person will probably want a shiny Snorlax for either of them.

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