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[Screenshot] Noobs say the darndest things


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Our mother

tradechat always gg  

[quote name='Dougington' timestamp='1360346879' post='189960'] I got a warning point for making that thread. Just waiting here till chestbrah posts his :3 [/quote] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/B9sqYI0.



poochyena iz a tank 2

I don't see what's wrong with that, scizor is pretty physically bulky for a pure physical attacker.

A tank actually refers to a slow bulky pokemon with attacking power, because you know, a tank takes bullets and then shoots a powerfull canon.


Snorlax is also a tank, however blissey isn't as she can't directly damage anything.


smogon says this


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None of this was said but there is no where else to post this I find.I would have screenshotted this if I had the reflexes of a god but anyway.


I was spectating a match and saw someone switch a gengar into a frozen snorlax, and then he used nightshade. My jaw dropped. Then he switched out the gengar to another pokemon, then switched it back in and used shadow ball on the same snorlax. My head smashed my computer at that point, but the real kicker is that the gengar user won the match. Then my head hurt worse then the pain of hitting my computer with it.

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