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Eww Gen 8 meta - Optics randoms tournament ( June 12th saturday )

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Introducing the Random Battles Room - Smogon University


Date & Time: 12th of June (7pm UTC / 3pm EST)

Location: Discord, #optic-randoms feel free to join the voice gang during the event! 
Battles will be held on Pokémon Showdown


For this event you get a completely random team of Pokémon up to gen 8. You are however free to EV and moveset these Pokémon to your liking!. Your Pokémon will be assigned by me after your registration, and they will be public. Of course you won't know who your opponent will be until we start though!.


Additional rules:

- You will only be handed fully matured Pokémon.

- The games will be played in the 'gen 8 OU' format. Make sure your team is eligible for it. If you have a Pokémon that is illegal for the format, @ me or Ploegy in #optic-randoms and one of us will reroll the Pokemon that is illegal.

- Dyna/Giganta -maxing, Mega Evolving or Z-Moves are NOT allowed.
- If your pokémon gets rolled as a Gigantamax you may use the normal form of this pokémon OR reroll it once.

- Every time you win a match you are granted one reroll on your team. You are not forced to keep the reroll.

- After every round there is a 5-10 minute intermission where you can change up your moves or EV spreads if you want.

- The tournament will be double-elimination. Do you believe in second chances?

- Free to join for friends of Optic as well!


How to play:

You need to register for this event so I can assign you your Pokémon team. You can register by going to the Optic Discord and going to #opticrandoms, just say something like 'hey i want in'. Registration possible till Saturday 12th of June 6pm UTC / 2pm EST. I'll keep track of everyone's teams in the pinned message of #optic-randoms.




Finals will be held different this time, since Pokemon showdown added the new addition of Free-for-all I decided that the 1st and 2nd contestants from both loser and winner brackets will all go against each other at the same time. 
The first person who wins in this battle format will get the 1st place prize. 


I also decided that everyone can reroll 2 pokemon at max of theirs before they enter the FFA finals. 
You can find the Free-for-all tier in "Other Metagame" 

This is an example of how a FFA battle looks like



1st: 750K, 1x shiny charm and 99 leppa berries


(Sadly due to this new battle format it's harder to also have a 2nd and 3rd winner, so I decided that only the 1st player will get the prizes.)


I will be joining myself too xo


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