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UU Teambuilding Competition

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I decided to choose gligar because the poor was not chosen by anyone






the objectif its para with thunder or disharge and sweep with bulky pokemon gligar or empoleon

if not passe vapoeron i pressure with dusclops for pp stall , if use my flamme with nido i week the brozong 

if i trick p2 with my p2 i have eviolite its nice and my p2 bring speed control if I'm not tricked

I just took advantage of the para brought by disharge or thunder for para flinch with air slash from my crobat or waterfall from my empoleon


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2 hours ago, MadaraSixSix said:

I decided to choose gligar because the poor was not chosen by anyone






the objectif its para with thunder or disharge and sweep with bulky pokemon gligar or empoleon

if not passe vapoeron i pressure with dusclops for pp stall , if use my flamme with nido i week the brozong 

if i trick p2 with my p2 i have eviolite its nice and my p2 bring speed control if I'm not tricked

I just took advantage of the para brought by disharge or thunder for para flinch with air slash from my crobat or waterfall from my empoleon


Eviolite acrobatics gligar predicting the knock off. Op

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I selected weavile for this challenge

Why that pokemons? 


Weavile + Mismagius 
Mismagius to rest the fighting weaknes and hit, Weavile also hit but it have paper defenses so...

Swampert + Rotom Heat + Leafeon
To start, Why Leafeon? Leafeon can resist a lot and learn Wish, It also have speed for pass Jolly Azumarrill, Swampert, etc. For this "meta" pokes is a nice choice. It also learns Heal Bell so you can cure the status problems for your pokes.

I choiced Swampert Substitute + Bulk Up because is one of my favorites variants and if you play it perfect you can destroy a lot. If you dont understand why the Special defense Ev's is for resist a vaporeon scald, It do 24.5% of damage so It cant remove my substitute with one attack. Just a tiny detail.

Rotom Heat: I made a Choice Scarf and Trick build for walls, It have also defog for the spikes/rocks

If you see this, I have a tiny fire weakness with Weavile and Leafeon, For that I have Rotom Heat and Swampert in some cases but for me It need more fire resistence, so I add: 
This Gigalith can use Stealth rock and I resist fire, specially special fire atacks, also resist flying, but theres one only reason why I put Gigalith, Porygon-z. Toxic for a little stall and I prefeer EQ than Rest Because I have wish with Leafeon.



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PokePaste: https://pokepast.es/a9566c7cff65ff83

Well, this is a Semi-Stall Team that revolves around Weaville. At first in this team was going to try a Gligar, but due to several problems with many pokemon that Weaville could just stop, i decided to change to the total structure of the team with some exceptions.

I will proceed to explain the functions of each pokemon and why they are there:



Weavile: Weaville is the pokemon that this team is about, it serves to keep fast Taunt users like Crobat and Mismagius at bay, have speed control in such a slow team, and also to be able to deal with one of the pokemon more threatening to this team: Alakazam Nasty Plot.

Bronzong: I think currently, Bronzong, is one of the best pokemon in the metagame. Thanks to his combination of types and ability (Levitate, with which it receives an immunity to the ground type) it can resist the attacks of ground type pokemon with much physical offensive potential (for example: Krookodille, Swampert, Rhyperior, Flygon), and it can also resist normal, flying, and plant-type attacks from attackers and walls alike (Crobat, Gligar, Roserade, Staraptor).
It has a decent offensive movepool to be a physical wall, Psychic, Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Grass Knot, Psywave, and the classic Hidden Power (In this case i chose the Hidden Power Fire so i could deal damage to Forretress, Durant and other Bronzong).
And on the part of the support movements, it has Protect, Stealth Rock, Toxic (for this team i decided that Bronzong be a Toxic User, since another Pokemon is in charge of putting the Stealth Rock)

Porygon2: Honestly, this pokemon, in my opinion, is the best special wall in this UU metagame. It resists special and physical hits very well thanks to the benefit it takes from the eviolite item and its defensive statistics in addition to its decent health points.
This pokemon is here to be able to stop the offensive power of the threats that attack from the special part, especially Yanmega Specs which is always a problem in most teams in general.
I chose the Teleport variant to be able to escape from some pokemon which could give me problems depending on the situation and in some prediction gain momentum and give way to a partner to remove the garbage from the arena, or to enter a partner who has an advantage over pokemon from which we are "escaping".

Leafeon: This Pokemon entered the team almost at the last minute, and it was the addition that came to save this team. Instead of Leafeon this slot was occupied by Tangrowth, because i needed another pokemon that can deal with Krookodille Sub, Swampert Sub, Rhyperior Sub, in addition to Bronzong Grass Knot. And also because Azumarrill Belly Drum could dismantle me completely based on Return, Acua Jet and Waterfall, and since Leafeon surpasses Azumarril with his base speed even being Jolly.
Fulfill a Healer role with Wish to heal allies who cannot heal themselves. Heal Bell to cure altered states such as badly poisoning or burning. Protect to ensure healing with Wish or also to know what movement the rival will execute if he has a Choice Object. And finally Bullet Seed, which serves to break the substitutes of the aforementioned type ground.

Crobat: The flying Pokemon indicated for this team, fulfills the function of "defog", removes boosts with "Haze", It will be a counter of Yanmega Specs if it does not carry Psychic, it will be a counter of most of the fighting pokemon with the exception of Medicham Scarf Zen Heatbutt or Psycho Cut, and above all a response to 2 pokemon that could completely dismantle my team: Bisharp and Durant. Thanks to the Haze Movement and Roost i can keep Bisharp at bay avoiding his stat increase and restoring my health to repeat the process as many times as necessary. While Durant surpasses him in speed thanks to his evs and nature, to take away his boost and hit him with Brave Bird.

Rhyperior: I chose this pokemon because its combination of types suited me a lot on this team. Rock type helps me to have a resistance to Normal type (Stops PorygonZ, Snorlax, and Staraptor), Flying type (Stops Crobat, and Staraptor), Fire Type (Stops Arcanine, and Rotom). and The Ground type provides a Volt Switch-Cutter se that this team lacks, rendering Rotom-H useless if it does not carry HP Grass or HP Ice. It also serves as a Rock Setter which is something that this team also lacks and as a counter to CurseLax (As long as it does not carry Seed Bomb or Earthquake). He has Smack Down to take away ground type/Levitate to Flygon, Rotom and Bronzong to be able to hit them with Earthquake, and Toxic to have another pokemon that can intoxicate besides Bronzong in the team.



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Well Madara is too fast for me, I was preparing a stall team as well, trying to get out of my comfort zone ... and he posted this smh

My pick is Gligar because it is the mon I'd be most likely to be using out of the list and I feel like it has plenty of unexplored options left.


The team :      bronzong.gif gligar.gifporygon2.gifspiritomb.gif empoleon.gif crobat.gif




Gligar + P2


One of the most well known defensive cores in the tier, for the simple reason specially defensive Porygon2 pretty much holds everything from the special spectrum while gligar covers the obvious fight weakness and the powerful physical attackers in general. Usually this core is used with a steel such as Bronzong to help with threats like Mamoswine. 


The sets I picked is the now "classic" modest download P2 that shines in the current meta because it already tanks most stuff it wants to with 252 hp and, if you get a special boost which is quite common since most Pokemon have higher or equal def compared to their spedef in the tier. The 3 moves picks would typically be BoltBeam and STAB but I figured we needed toxic here so I had to remove Ice beam, that we carry on other mons eitherway to pressure Druddigon leads. 


For Gligar now, this little goat has a base speed of 85, surely that was exploitable ! I decided to make it Jolly so it could outspeed Base 70s (Bisharp/Metagross) with 252 EVs but no speed nature (which is very rare in this range of speed bases) with little investment. Gligar doesn't have an insane attack so we probably want to maximise it, rest is put in bulk so it can pull "free" setups via Swords dance against Pokemon that can't really touch it like Donphan Gligar etc. Stone Edge is a surprise move to kill Rotoms/Crobats which are most of the time considered "free switches" against Gligars since they'll typically only run Earthquake/Uturn/Knock Off


It mostly is scared of faster ice moves (which we'll cover later) and can't pass levitators such as Bronzong and Flygon that we'll need to lure with other mons in the team





So obviously once you got Gligar/P2 you need that one steel annoyer for the toxic immunity as well as hindering Mamo and PorygonZ which are two major threats to stall teams. Bronzong is gonna be the obvious pick here because we also need rocks.


The set I picked is a basic rocks + 3 moves, Future Sight is a great move because it applies life orb damage boost without recoil (yea its a bug) if you switched out of the field. It is invested to outspeed base 40s and more specifically Forretress to prevent him from spinning with Hp Fire. HP EVs are for optimized life orb recoils (169hp) and it used 4 def, 12 spedef to avoid Downloads without wasting too much EVs (can't invest in 4 stats or you lose some), rest is in special attack. 

Basically the mon is here to mess up with spinners, and support the team with future sight. 


Please disregard any IV changes Smogon did for the right Hidden Power type.

Here is some calculations of what it can accomplish : 

220+ SpA Life Orb Bronzong Hidden Power Fire vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Bisharp: 91-109 (65 - 77.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
220+ SpA Life Orb Bronzong Grass Knot (80 BP) vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Swampert: 203-239 (98 - 115.4%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO

220+ SpA Life Orb Bronzong Grass Knot (100 BP) vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Donphan: 172-203 (87.3 - 103%) -- 18.8% chance to OHKO

220+ SpA Life Orb Bronzong Hidden Power Fire vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Bronzong: 60-73 (34.4 - 41.9%) -- 77% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery

220+ SpA Life Orb Bronzong Hidden Power Fire vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Forretress: 203-244 (111.5 - 134%) -- guaranteed OHKO

220+ SpA Life Orb Bronzong Grass Knot (80 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Krookodile: 122-146 (71.7 - 85.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock





The almighty god of UU, Crobat itself. This guy is needed in most stall teams due to the speed control it provides as well as the key resistances. Not that it pairs really well with Gligar tho, but in this team, Crobat is a lure for Bronzong to allow Gligar to shine.


We'll just use that one classic special set Nasty Plot + Heatwave, holding a Life Orb, Hurricane (fuck Air Slash misses too eitherway) and Sludge Bomb because it is its best stabs as a special attacker, poison one is needed to hit Rotoms, Flying one because I realized I have too many grass coverage in the team and that it wouldn't dislike some flying STAB for the likes of Scrafty (yes we have 3 fight resist but not many ways to hit him if it carries Ice Punch). Max speed because we really want to outspeed all non scarfers with this, as it is our main speed control option.


Almost forgot to mention the 4 in special defense for Downloads and the fact it has 28 HP IVs for Life Orb numbers and stealth rocks (159)





Our pressure applier. Not quite in the sense you might expect tho xD


Spiritomb is a great mon in the meta that I've used for many matches now, it is probably the best pursuiter thanks to its key immunity to Focus Blast which allows him to switch in almost all psychic mons and not be 2HKO'd (with limited specs or modest LO + predict exceptions). It would usually run Calm Mind but I opted for a choice band sets for 3 reasons. First we need some strong priorities because the team is a bit slow and that's a staple for bulky offenses in UU at least. For example against Shell Smash Blastoise, Sun, powerful scarfers and such. We get the double prio to not have to risk band locked suckers every game. Second, choice band empowers prios but allows to Trick to pass some annoying walls that the team would struggle against, such as Vaporeon or Porygon2 since we don't have that much status spread. It also provides spinblocking + double switch to Bronzong options vs Donphan and Forretress. Beware that this mon could be a total loss of momentum vs some other. Finally offers that Medicham check we could have wanted.


4 in special defense to avoid downloads. 





For the last member the team needed that one water type, to not be 6-0'd by drummed Azu and provide some sort of revenge killing which should hold jet +6 (you have to stay and sack on the drum tho).


Empoleon in general also offers some more support for PoryZ or Staraptor, and gets us good speed control with modest scarf as it outspeed base 100s (Staraptor/Flygon but also PZ Yanmega Sigilyph etc). It's going to be our way to lure Flygon, if you manage to in Empoleon on a Uturn surely will they use Flygon as their pick and you KO them with Ice beam (scarf unrevealed I mean). Hydro Pump to maximise damage, Defog in case they decide to stack hazards which can be quite dangerous for the team, also note that Empoleon doesn't really need a 4th move outside Scald to have a safer version of Hpump but this team is nothing like safe to begin with.  


Posted fast as I saw that Madara had the same idea for Gligar and Sweet for Empoleon, I'm busy currently might come later to edit and add more thought process. 

I didn't try to make the strongest team but one that I'd enjoy playing, so I'm sure it will have a lot of flaws, but I tried to keep it coherent to an actual defensive team while having some nice options as a Bulky Offense (which is what I built) 

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Weavile  sprite from Black & WhiteGligar  sprite from Black & WhiteEmpoleon  sprite from Black & WhiteRotom  sprite from Black & WhitePorygon-Z  sprite from Black & WhiteMedicham  sprite from Black & White

Obviously I picked Weavile because he looks badass.


Teambuilding process:


Weavile - I pretty much had 3 options on how to use this thing: Choice Band, King's Rock (sadly) and Life Orb/Focus Sash w/ Swords Dance. I went with Choice Band since it's my favorite Weavile set. Dark/Ice is a strong offensive typing and its high Attack and Speed allows Weavile to come in and start spamming Icicle Crash/Beat Up, with the only relevant resists to this combo being Empoleon and Forretress. For that reason I put Low Kick as an option over Pursuit, but in the end I preferred the latter to remove some threats to this team, such as Porygon-Z, Alakazam and Sigilyph.


Gligar + Empoleon - I picked this as my Rocks+Defog duo since they complement each other's weaknesses very well and because their roles can be changed mutually, depending on how they handle each meta as a Rocker or Defogger (by this I mean you can either use Defog Gligar + Rocks Empo, or Rocks Gligar + Defog Empo). Gligar has 20 Speed EVs to outspeed Modest Exeggutor outside sun, Empoleon outspeeds Adamant Swampert and carries Grass Knot for it, to make it less of a threat to this team.


Rotom-Heat - I wanted another pivot besides Gligar so I picked Rotom-H. Since the Defog role is already covered I decided to make this Rotom-H a Pivot+Annoyer with a Bold nature, Toxic and Pain Split. The speed is for Modest Blastoise.


Porygon-Z - Another strong spammer, in case Weavile isn't enough. It also forces Empoleon in which is something Weavile really appreciates.


Medicham - Speed control and offensive synergy with Weavile (Dark + Psychic + Fighting), besides pairing with Porygon-Z for double trick shenanigans (hi stall teams).


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I love this idea, are there any future plans to hold more of these and then make a thread with the winners as sample teams for each meta? Could be a good starting point for new players since there are not really any sample teams for new players to use.


Of course with new meta shifts the samples would have to change, just a thought.


Nice stuff, hope to see an OU one soon :)

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8 minutes ago, Lvkee said:

I love this idea, are there any future plans to hold more of these and then make a thread with the winners as sample teams for each meta? Could be a good starting point for new players since there are not really any sample teams for new players to use.


Of course with new meta shifts the samples would have to change, just a thought.


Nice stuff, hope to see an OU one soon :)

There's also one for Doubles going on right now, I agree it's a really nice idea and could be a signpost for players who ask questions about teams in the MMO Discord as well.


I'll think of a team for this later in the week, doubt it's gonna be half as good as these entries though.

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10 minutes ago, Lvkee said:

I love this idea, are there any future plans to hold more of these and then make a thread with the winners as sample teams for each meta? Could be a good starting point for new players since there are not really any sample teams for new players to use.


Of course with new meta shifts the samples would have to change, just a thought.


Nice stuff, hope to see an OU one soon :)

i was thinking about that yea, making a sort of Hall of Fame for this and hosting a contest like this every meta shift (3months). 

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Weavile: The fastest natural pokemon in the team, and the main choice from the 4. Good movepool with a punch to pack.

Life Orb: I wanted some extra damage.

EV spread: Speed + Power

Moonlight: was debating between Brick Break and Moonlight. It’s always nice to heal in a switch out from the opponent when pursuit wouldnt kill and an ice move would do little to a possible switch in. Also to not be too vunerable to hazards.

Pursuit: to take care of pokes switching out.

Ice shard: Priority is always nice.

Icicle crash: Prefering the power over spear, since i got multihit moves further in the team.


Alomomola: Huge base hp and bulkier than vaporeon in defense. Sadly no regenerator.

Rocky Helmet: 1/6 damage to any physical move dealt as a defense wall is quite juicy.

Ev spread: went full def and spdef since hp didnt feel too useful with base 165, the wishes would only give 16 extra hp with already having a 120 hp wish.

Ability: hydration, healer is useless

Wish: To keep pokes healthy.

Healing wish: fully heal any mon at the cost of aloma, could be useful in a pinch

Protect: well, it got wish.

Toxic: the more annoying the better :)

Taunt could be annoying as well as steel types, scald over healing wish could be an option, but where is the fun in that you know.


Gligar: Hey, the second mon of the 4, wanted a defogger that didnt take too much damage from rocks, and luckily no damage of (t)spikes. It covers the weaknesses of Weavile quite well.

Eviolite: yes

Ability: sand veil, brings skill

Ev spread: tanky boi

Roost: need that heal

Defog: hazards are mean

Knock off: can’t have items

EQ: some damage


Espeon: Hard hitter and not as fragile as other psychic mons imo.

Lefties: 9 hp / turn

Ev spread: outspeeding max speed krook. Hp evs were coincidence

Heal Bell: cant have toxic wear my stuff down, or other hazards, hera could be kinda fucked by it, or saved

Grass knot: Does 77-90% to krook, + quite a bit to other mons weak to grass

Psychic: STAB

HP Fire: better coverage than fighting


Heracross: needed a hard hitter, and wanted some spikes if possible,

Scarf: hitting 201 speed outspeeds any non scarfer, besides electrode.

Ev spread: max atk, hitting 134 speed, rest hp

Ability: guts, no bug move so no use for swarm

Close combat: power

Spikes: hazards

Bullet Seed: multihit move, sub swampert seemed quite common

Stone edge: coverage, crobat + sigilyph mainly


Gigalith: Spdef wall, PZ seemed to be a big problem.

Rocky helmet: getting wishes from alomo is the way its planned to heal, another 1/6 damage is nice.

Ev spread: max spdef

Ability: Sandstream: need that spdef boost and pairs well with gligar.

Stealth rock: hazard

Toxic: get them out of here

Eq: coverage

Rock blast: multihit stab


the goal is to slowly wither down the opponent, the team has the resources to stay alive + second wind in the form or alomo, sadly it will perish, but people won’t expect it. Misses with Weavile/ hera/ gigalith can be very painful. Fast special mons, especially exeggutor and victree seem quite scary, since their stab grass will hit gigalith quite hard still. Sigilyph could be another weakpoint since it carries a wide movepool. Strenghts: it looks like all high usage mons have at least one way to handle them.


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I decided to make my team around Knock Off Weavile. It's a well known fact that knock off got no hoes when it was down, but when the devs gave it some clout and a 45 point buff, the groupies and clout chasers won’t leave it alone. I say no fair, the ride or dies will be using knock off in gen 5.


Teambuilding process:

I wanted to go with a hazard stack team where I felt knock off’s effects can be amplified by hazard damage which synergizes with many momentum stacking pivot moves.



I started off with  LO Weavile. Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, and Night Slash are powerful moves. I opted for knock off > pursuit because I feel Knock off can be quite splashable early on. If the opponent switches, you can ko their item. Or if you predict wrong, you can still get their item before being punished. 



Forretress is the best spiker in UU so I went with the spikes switch pivot with rapid spin and gyro ball if the opportunity arose. It also has a good matchup against Crobat. 



I went with Gligar as the stealth rocker. Its typing has good synergy with Weavile and Forretress, plus it can pivot with u-turn, keeping on the pressure. It can also handle rotom-h



I love Crobat and its a fantastic wall and Utility mon. It walls fighting mons in the tier and beats them down with brave bird. Catching mons with Taunt is always nice as well.



PZ is one of the best special attackers out there. It is extremely powerful and is something to get big hits to crippled teams or even fall back on in a pinch. Great mon with great moves and abilities.



Medicham is the last mon I fit on my team. I was debating between it or Heracross, but I thought a scarfer was much needed so It lead me to Cham. High power and I speed is a mon I need.

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So this is my team.


I picked weavile cause I liked it the most out of all 4, except alakazam but I already had a team with him. (Sorry gligar, too basic)



All pokemon have odd hp stats at lvl 50, for maximum hp usage.


Team explanation:


Weavile: So for weavile I chose a banded set, with its amazing speed and attack it can cause a lot of damage and chaos in the tier, outspeeding a lot and doing good damage to a lot of walls in the tier. For the walls he struggles with, such as bronzong, i added other stuff into the team like rotom-heat.


Empoleon: Empoleon is an insanely strong pokemon with a great winrate in UU, but personally I haven't actually used it. It makes a great spdef wall and gets both defog and stealth rock, which this team otherwise lacks. With its evs it outspeeds neutral 65 base stat pokemon, like umbreon and vaporeon, whilst still being very specially tanky for stuff like porygon-z. Also with these evs, since its spdef is higher than its defense, it will give an attack raise to porygons with dowload.


Rotom-Heat: Like I said earlier, weavile struggles with certain walls in UU like forretress and bronzong, I added rotom-heat for these so I could provide even more offensive pressure. I also gave it trick to make other walls, which rely on the use of recovery moves to function(rest/painsplit dusclops - wish vaporeon etc.), practically obsolete. With these evs it outspeeds a potential scarfed mamoswine by 1 point, while still maintaining maximum offensive capabilities. Also it will give an attack raise to download porygons coming into it.


Tangrowth: So in my opinion tangrowth is really a good pokemon, sure with HAs it's amazing but even without regenerator it is good. Amazing physical bulk which is primarily what I use it for. It also has knock off which can be great vs pokemon which may want to come in against it (potentially specs pz, or eviolite porygon2). Leech seed also provides a bit more healing for the other pokemon in the team if I decide to switch tangrowth out. Sleep powder is great general support against any annoying pokemon that potentially want to swap into it, it works great against both walls and sweepers.


Golurk: When I was teambuilding with weavile a problem I always struggled with was its fighting weakness, so I obviously needed a resist/immunity. I could've used something like dusclops or spiritomb but I wanted something a little more offensive. With these evs it lives a crunch from krookodile, outspeeds neutral speed base 65 pokemon (like vaporeon and umbreon) and gives an attack raise to any pokemon with download coming in against it. Drain punch has a 95% chance to OHKO the normal krookodiles. Some people might say LO + substitute is bad, which often it is, but because of iron fist + drain punch golurk actually gets a lot of recovery. 


Crobat: At this point in the teambuild i was nearly done teambuilding, but noticed heracross did really well against me. I chose to add a bulky crobat because of this. The evs allow it to outspeed max speed jolly base 100 pokemon, thus also providing offensive pressure to stuff like heracross. Also the toxic support is really nice incase we struggle with a pokemon walling the team. It's a huge help to physical attackers, providing great pressure against things like medicham and heracross. It can also come in pretty nicely against an overheat from a rotom-heat. 




Main threat against the team: Rotom-Heat. It is a really tough mon to wall with this team, so don't try to do that. Your goal is to beat it offensively or it will just keep pivoting against your team. Your main pokemon to do this with it golurk, if you get a substitute up, you will do great against it. If its max speed and hp you 3hko, otherwise its a 2hko (with drain punch). You also wouldnt die from overheat with the recovery from drain punch in combination with the special attack drops.



Teambuilding process:


Version 1 of the team:



This team was just very weak to krookodile as soon as torterra was defeated, which was a big problem. I wasn't super satisfied with it so I changed it fairly fast.


Version 2 of the team: 



Version 2 already looked a bit better, but i didn't really like sigilyph in it and the lack of ground types, allowing rotom to freely volt switch slowly chipping down your gigalith. I was also super weak to fighting moves, which was obviously a big problem. 

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alakazam-f.gifabsol.gifswampert.gifheracross.gifempoleon.gifrotom-heat.gif         https://pokepast.es/eac870d2811cb008 (coin flip team)



a pretty useless pokemon in the current metagame but I had to select one of the 4 pokemon and I think this was the best for a hyper offensive team.

I chose its object to be sash to be able to more easily get rid of threats such as krooko pursuit (and pray focus blast doesn't fail, good luck with that) and in turn to be able to boost more safely.



in my opinion one of the best wallbreakers being a physical attacker, being boost with sword dance can 0hko to many walls and bulkys pokemon of the current meta and being little used in this tier few people are prepared to counter it



As this team does not have a physical wall, I chose to take swampert with its sub + bulk up variant, this gives me immunity to the electric type to avoid the use of a volt switch, in turn, being boosted it holds up very well any blow that is made in a physical way



I put this pokemon since it gives me resistance to the dark type, having a wide variety of movements I opted for a common set which, like absol being boost, can kill many pokemon that can become a problem, the advantage that this front has a absol is that having gills and objects the flame orb is unlikely to receive state movements other than burn



not having someone to put stealth rocks or remove them, I decided to put empoleon, which fulfills that function in a very good way.

The reason why it is modest and with those evs, is because I seek the greatest damage in the equipment, the scald serves to cause burns (it never works for me) and grass knot which serves to kill things like swamper, the reason of the speed of empoleon is to kill swamperts with the same speed as mine



This pokemon has a fairly normal set which serves to trick walls, make good changes using volt switch quickly and in turn having very good type coverage.


This team against balanced teams may not be the best but with so many sweepers it is quite good for teams that use a lot of walls (as everyone does in this tier)


special credits for: google translate ^^

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 Thank you for your patience! We are ready with the results!

415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png 1st Place
@LifeStyleNORE(IGN: LifeStyle)


Weavile  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteGligar  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteEmpoleon  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteRotom  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhitePorygon-Z  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteMedicham  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & White

9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png 2nd Place
@Moi(IGN: tMoi)



Flygon  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteAlakazam  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteStaraptor  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteSpiritomb  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteEmpoleon  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteRotom  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & White

d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png 3rd Place 
@MaatthewMLG(IGN: iMat)



Alakazam  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteSwampert  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteCrobat  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteMetagross  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteScrafty  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhitePorygon2  sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & White




Explanation : 

LifeStyle :

Good team that can pivot really good gaining easy momentum while having the tier most dangerous mons in the team. It got a Good typing synergy and combos like pursuit + fight type.

tMoi :
The team is built in such a way that it is able to respond to all typings. It has good pivoting (volturn core), also having a great speed control.

Very good diversity of typing with offensive pressure. also a nice combo scrafty + alakazam that helps agaisnt choiced dark types.


thank you to everyone who participated i really enjoyed reading all teambuilding process and looking at the amazing teams.

A special thanks to my amazing judges:
 @Umbramol @MknsZblex @Huargensy @Sashaolin @Lunarck

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