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NakkOff's 3rd Unofficial Event!

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Brave the sands of Route 111 to find the fabled Trapinch! Might be some sandshrews in the way...


The event will be held in Hoenn, Route 111 on Thursday May 6th, 12pm-1pm ET


Time converter:  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html


Valid Entries:


  • Sandshrew
  • Trapinch + 5


Nature Bonuses:


  • Jolly + 2
  • Adamant + 3
  • Docile + 5


Prizes  (subject to increase if donations are received)


1st:   $3,500,000

2nd:  $2,500,000

3rd   $1,500,000

4th   $750,000

5th (Lowest)  $250,000 + Nakkura OT Trapinch lol

Shiny Prize: First person to find a shiny during the event AND link it to me gets $1,000,000!


I'll be streaming the event at https://twitch.tv/nakkoff! Our goal is 80 viewers, and you can make that happen!

Good luck everyone!



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Increased prize pools <3
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