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Sirdusty's low mileage competitive pokemon shop

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Tired of having trash comps that aren't perfect?

Tired of getting harassed for being bad?

Say no more, my comps will solve all of that.


I'm selling my comps, most are in good shape with low mileage, at most 200 games on a single one, really can't ask for better mile to pokemon then that. These things are still in their prime, in fact some were made months ago and aren't even moveset, they're just itching to get out onto the playing field and duel.


Every single one of my comps listed are perfect xp'd at level 50 or at the level they evolve at. As well as any pokemon that can have a gender is female and they are all placed in premier balls to assure the best quality comps. The only thing not perfect about these things is some have Spxter OT and most aren't perfect IV's.


Can mail me on forums or find me in game, IGN-Sirdusty

I will most likely leave this shop up for a week

Willing to accept Yen and some shiny/vanity depending on what it is.


Bold on a move means its PP maxed


Updated box




Alakazam - Timid 28/x/28/31/29/31  Psychic/trick/psyshock/HP ice

Ambipom - Jolly 28/31/28/x/27/31  Fake out/Return/Knock off/U-turn (Egg move - Pursuit)

Azumarill - Adamant 28/31/29/x/28/31  Ice Punch/Waterfall/Superpower/Aqua Jet

Azumarill - Adamant 27/31/29/28/31  Waterfall/Belly drum/Aqua Jet/Return

Blastoise - Rash 28/31/27/31/28/31  Surf/Eq/Shellsmash/HP Ele

Blastoise - Bold 31/x/31/27/28/27  Roar/Toxic/Scald/Rapid Spin

Blastoise - Modest 27/x/29/31/28/31  Dark pulse/Ice beam/Shell smash/surf

Crobat - Timid 28/x/28/31/29/31  Giga Drain/Air Slash/Nasty plot/heat wave

Druddigon - Impish 31/27/31/x/27/28  Dragon tail/Fire punch/Stealth rock/ Glare

Dugtrio - Jolly 28/31/27/29/31 EQ/stealth rocks/reversal/memento

Durant - Jolly 28/31/28/x/29/31  Super power/X-scissor/Crunch/Iron head

Electrode - Jolly 29/31/29/x/28/31  Explosion/Reflect/Rain dance/Taunt

Electrode - Timid 31/x/28/27/31/31  Volt switch/Taunt/Reflect/Light screen

Empoleon - Modest 27/x/29/31/28/31  Ice beam/Surf/HP ele/Grass knot (Egg move - Yawn)

Flygon - Hasty 27/31/28/31/28/31  EQ/Flamethrower/Draco meteor/Focus energy (Egg moves Flail/Quick attack)

Flygon - Adamant 27/31/30/x/28/31  Crunch/Dragon claw/EQ/DD (Egg move - Quick attack) OT spxter

Flygon - Jolly 27/31/27/x/28/31  Crunch/Dragon claw/EQ/DD (Eggmove - Quick attack)

Flygon - Adamant 28/31/27/x/28/31 Stone edge/F-punch/Eq/Uturn (Eggmove - Quick attack) OT spxter

Gastrodon - Calm 31/x/27/31/31/31 Recover/Scald/Toxic/Earth power (Eggmoves - Acid armor/Mirror coat/Yawn)

Heracross - Jolly 28/31/30/x/28/31  EQ/CC/Sub/SD (Eggmoves - Pursuit)

Mamoswine - Adamant 29/31/31/x/27/31  Rocks/EQ/Ice shard/Icicle Crash 

Lanturn - Modest 31/x/28/31/31/31  Agility/Volt switch/Thunder/Rain dance

Lanturn - Modest 31/x/28/31/31/31 Bubble/Hydro pump/Take down/Discharge 

Ludiocolo - Modest 28/x/27/31/28/31  Giga drain/Ice beam/Weather ball/Rain dance 

Ludicolo - Timid 28/x/28/31/27/31  Ice beam/Weather ball/Focus blast/Giga drain

Medicham - Jolly 28/31/27/x/29/31  Drain Punch/Psycho Cut/Ice punch/Bullet punch

Metagross - Lonely 29/31/30/29/28/31  Zen headbutt/Hammer arm/HP Fire/Meteor Mash

Omastar - Modest 29/x/27/31/28/31  Ice beam/HP Ele/Shell smash/Surf

Mismagius - Timid 29/x/27/31/28/31  Nasty plot/t-bolt/shadow ball/energy ball (Eggmoves - Memento/destiny Bond)

Seismitoad - Rash 27/31/27/31/27/31  Rain dance/Weather ball/Eq/Drain punch

Sigilyph - Timid 29/x/29/31/30/31  Calm mind/Heat wave/energy ball/Psyshock

Staraptor - Adamant 27/31/28/x/27/31  Brave bird/CC/uturn/pursuit

Swampert - Adamant 31/31/31/x/27/31  Ice punch/Superpower/EQ/Waterfall (Eggmoves - Yawn)

Toxicroak - Jolly 27/31/28/x/28/31  Ice punch/SD/Sucker punch/Drain punch 

Typhlosion - Modest 27/x/27/31/28/31  Eruption/Flamethrower/HP grass/Focus blast

Typhlosion - Timid 28/x/29/31/28/31  Eruption/Focus blast/Flamethrower/HP grass

Venomoth - Timid 27/x/28/31/28/31  Bug buzz/quiver dance/sleep powder/sub

Whimsicott - Bold 31/x/31/28/29/27  Growth/cotton spore/leech seed/energy ball 

Yanmega - Modest 27/x/29/31/30/31  Airslash/Giga drain/Protect/Bug buzz

Zoroark - Timid 26/x/30/31/29/31  Flame thrower/Agility/Return/Copy cat

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7 hours ago, SirDusty said:

Bisharp - Adamant 28/31/29 / x / 28/31 Brick Break / Sucker Punch / Night slash / Swords Dance 



7 hours ago, SirDusty said:

Heracross - Adamant 27/31/27/x/28/31  Close combat/EQ/Megahorn/Stone edge (Eggmoves - Pursuit)



7 hours ago, SirDusty said:

Kroockodile - Jolly 27/31/28/x/28/31  EQ/Crunch/CC/Rocks (Egg moves - Pursuit)



7 hours ago, SirDusty said:

Mamoswine - Jolly 27/31/27/x/28/31  EQ/Rocks/Ice shard/Icicle Crash



7 hours ago, SirDusty said:

Rhyperior - Adamant 28/31/27/x/29/31  SD/Rock blast/Fire punch/EQ (Eggmoves - Pursuit)


price of all?

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Posted (edited)

Arcanine - Impish 31/30/31/x/31/30  Extreme speed/Toxic/Morning sun/Flare blitz

Crobat - Impish 31/30/31/x/30/31  Brave Bird/Defog/Taunt/Roost

Gligar - Impish 31/30/31/x/30/31  Toxic/Defog/Roost/EQ

Torkoal - Bold 31/x/31/30/31/30  Flame thrower/Rapid Spin/rocks/yawn

Clefable - Brave 31/31/28/31/27/28 Focus blast/double edge/fireblast/wish

Exeggutor - Modest 31/x/30/31/30/31  Psyshock/Ancient Power/Solarbeam/HP Fire

Weavile - Jolly 31/31/30/x/30/31  SD/low kick/Night slash/ice shard (Eggmoves - Pursuit, Icicle Crash)

Flygon - Impish 31/30/31/x/31/30  Toxic/Roost/defog/EQ

Alakazam - Timid 31/x/30/31/30/31  Nasty plot/Psyshock/Signal beam/energy ball

Staraptor - Jolly 31/31/30/x/30/31  Uturn/brave bird/double edge/CC (Eggmoves - Pursuit)


Interested in these please - feel free to private message me on forum.

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Jellicent - Modest 31/x/30/31/30/31  Water spit/hydro pump/energy ball/shadow ball 
how much is the modest jellicent?

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13 minutes ago, noomuch said:

Jellicent - Modest 31/x/30/31/30/31  Water spit/hydro pump/energy ball/shadow ball 
how much is the modest jellicent?


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