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Haunted Old Chateau

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 \o/ Team Catching Event \o/

Eterna forest Haunted Old Chateau




Acceptable Entry/Species

 In this event only  pokemon inside old chateu will be count as valid entries


\o Rules o/


To enter this event u have to be Air Team Member or invited guest 

The person who catches the higher iv total  pokemon wins 

Rotom bonus +10 points 

The event will last 1 hour total 

15 minutes will be given to link your entry after event ends 

In a case of iv tie of participants the earlier time catch takes lead 

1 entry per person is allowed

The entry must be caught within time of event

The entry must be left untouched  


Time And Place


 Sinnoh Region Eterna Forest Old Chateau Channel 1/Sunday 16th of May 


6 PM EET time 

For Further Details 





Please be at Old Chateau inside  10 minites before the event starts

to avoid further  delays 

Linking the entry at chat during event will result into disqualification!

(A.K.A no spoilers )


\O/ Invited Guests \O/

@TheFrenchiestFry @GodofIshean @Fixedgaming

@Drakkmord @Transendence


 \ \ PRIZES / /



1 Place

1.000.000 pokeyen

2 Place 

300.000 pokeyen

3 Place

200.000 pokeyen 

4 Place 

100.000 pokeyen




Good luck to all ! Hope u have fun !


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