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[Video] TrialsVersus Group Hardcore Nuzlocke

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Good Afternoon Trainers,

I am Rob from the Twitch Channel TrialsVersus and we have been working on playing through all the regions with the Nuzlocke Rules.
We have recently started Sinnoh after the disastrous end to Hoenn and this time are making some highlights of our progress as we go through, which I will add here as we go.

We stream Pokemmo on our twitch page TrialsVersus every Wednesday from 730PM UK time.

Our first part can be seen here as we explain the rules, and make our way up to Barry for the first "boss" fight.


We take on the first gym this week!

Part 3 of our nuzlocke run as we reach Mars, known to be a run killer!

Taking on the 3rd gym!


Just us vibing while training!


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