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Guys, Just Hear Me Out: Time Travel (Johto and BW2 content)



Johto will happen eventually. Probably. Soon(tm).


But the continuity issues are still a factor (unless you just want to ignore them) and the same goes for Black/White 2. Both Gen2 and the Gen5 sequels take place two years in the future from their respective direct predecessors. Some won't care about that, but for others, it's a continuity hole that will cause them to literally lose sleep.

But you see, the problem contains the solution: Time travel.

In order to port to Johto from any of the existing regions, instead of getting on a boat, you enter a time machine and travel two years into the future. That way, all story inconsistencies and differences between the two Kantos are accounted for. If you start in Johto, then you just time travel back in time once you get at least four badges. Simple as breaking all the known laws of time and space.

This also opens the door for the BW sequels down the line if that is content the devs would wish to pursue purely for PvE content purposes (which is mostly the reason Johto would be included anyway, as we already have gen 2 pokemon). You could also travel by boat between Johto or Future Kanto to Future Unova.

The original gen2 games already had a time machine feature that let you communicate with past games, so that concept can just be repurposed to preserve continuity. Problem solved.

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Hi there!


I have thought of this myself in the past and honestly I think it's the cleanest way to implement Johto's Kanto and BW2.


I think the main problem would be keeping track of whether you're in the "future" or the "past", and it would also be confusing for new players. They already get confused by the Channels system.


A possible solution might be just that you can't start in Johto or 2nova, you have to beat Kanto or 1nova first (respectively). After that the time travel mechanic might be no big deal.


In any case, I support this idea at least in theory. Good job!

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Time Travel is I guess the only solution for Johto and Bw2.


It was also the solution for the Avengers to bring back everyone they lost in Endgame. So yea. I actually agree with this idea and I see this as an absolute win

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Let's hope that no one has to be sacrifised for the Soul Stone
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Also I think if they do this we should have multiple eras of time. Technically Sinnoh should be included with Johto in the whole time travel idea mainly because they actually take place around the same time. This is true because we know know that on a tv broadcast when you start in Sinnoh, it talks about a shiny red Gyrados attacking in Johto currently.


Also Black and White should get its own time travel thing too seeing as it seems to at the very least take place after the events of FRLG and RSE.


Now FRLG and RSE take place around the same time based off a out of narrative reason. The reasoning being this. If a person had a copy of FireRed and another person had a copy of Emerald. When they wanted to battle they actually could and could see the respective protagonists from each game when they were battling. What I mean by this is if you had Emerald and you were battling someone who had FireRed, you could see Red's character sprite while in Emerald. Same thing goes for Emerald. You could see Brendan's sprite in FireRed. You could argue that this is evidence is shakey as to these two games/stories taking place around the same time, but as far as I know there really isn't any evidence to suggest they don't. 


So what I think they should do is pretty much scrap the boat thing as a universal means of travel, and have three maybe even four eras of time to travel to as the universal means of travel.


For example 


Era 1.

FireRed and Emerald era.

This era is when you could travel and play these two respective games/regions. And there could be a boat for you to use to travel between these two regions.


Era 2.

The HeartGold/SoulSilver and Platinum era.

This era would take place around the time of HeartGold/SoulSilver's and Platinum's stories/regions/games. You could play these two regions and have a boat allowing you to travel from Johto to Sinnoh and vice versa. And after you beat the main Johto story that boat will allow to travel around New Gen Kanto as well. 


Era 3.

Black and White era.

This era takes obviously in the era of the Black and White games. 


Era 4. 

Black 2 and White 2 era.

This takes place around the time of the Black 2 and White 2 games.



Some say this might be too convoluted from a game design standpoint, but honestly I think this would be the best way to incorporate all games/regions in the game. Instead of picking which region to travel to you pick which era of time to go into. And once you the era you choose to travel to you then pick the region you like to start in. The four badge thing can still apply if people want to travel to eras/regions.



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Hi. I was thinking about this today, and I have a solution, or at least something like a solution.


In GS, there was the idea of a Time Capsule which let you trade between time periods. In Colosseum, there's the idea of the Time Flutes and Celebi. I think implementing that kind of "plot device" to move between "Timeline 1" and "Timeline 2" would allow someone to go from FRLG Kanto to GSC Kanto or Unova 1 to Unova 2.


For example, you can put the "Time Capsule" somewhere in the Pokemon Center, 2nd floor. Or you could have an NPC (I was thinking the Victory Road area between Johto and Kanto, where Mt. Silver is also accessible, have a Celebi and use that Celebi to move between timelines.


Or you could make the Time Flute a key item, that you can acquire in-game.


There are a few conceivably possible ways you can implement multiple timelines in Pokemon. The difficulty isn't conceptual, but it's actually implementing it in terms of code. Might be a pain in the tail to do that.


So, hopefully I helped the game devs out, at least it's something for them to think about. I enjoy this game, ever since I learned about it yesterday.


I don't agree with the above poster's view of "progressive timelines" there only needs to be two timelines, thus far anyway (unless they're going to implement Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire), the first time line (where B/W, FRLG [Kanto 1 and Unova 1] and the other games take place) and the second time line (where HGSS, Black White 2 [Kanto 2 and Unova 2] and the other games take place)


Also, this is more of a personal preference, but if/when Unova 2 is implemented, I'd prefer the vanilla game to be the "challenge mode" levels and Pokemon. I think that makes far more sense canon wise, than vanilla Black White 2. But that's just my preference, obviously the devs can do what they want to do.

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I think Johto and B2W2 content should be unlocked after you beat the other regions, so it's more like NG+ than time travel.

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