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Clefa Tales returns! (a metronome double elimination!) COMPLETED

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Clefairy Tales Narrative


The back story-

Basically something about princesses being captured and turned into clefairies and forced to battle for their freedom. I'll write this up eventually, or one of you creative people can write something if you want. For Example, Olden can Come and steal this info and do a Tournament


The thing your here for is cash (and a fun time) , and Bankruptcy comes to deliver->


1st   - 2m

2nd - 1m

3rd  - 500k

4th - 250k



Time is PDT 8:30 PM

This is a tournament using perfectly even Clefairy pokemon with Metronome move only.

The Clefairys will be provided before each match by staff.

We will use Challonge to determine who battles who, in a  double elimination mode.


people will need to sign up in-game or on the forums at least 1 hour before event starts.


Final round will


Everyone will meet in Vermillion Ch2 again at the time of writing this. It might change.


Tournament Logs






Snow White









Aurora (in another castle)


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