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The Forgotten One (April 24th)

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dawn, empoleon, and finneon (pokemon and 2 more) drawn by mutou610 |  Danbooru


Date: Saturday, April 24th

Time: 7 pm UTC | 3 pm EST

Location: Route 205 Sinnoh, Ch4

Duration: 1 hour for catching and 10 min to submit entry


Pokemon accepted: 




Nature Bonus: 


Timid +3

Modest +3

Adamant -3

Jolly -3



  • All Scores are judged lowest to highest. Worst ivs will win
  • You may submit 1 entry only 
  • All Pokemon must have been caught within the event time. You will have one hour to catch your entry.
  • Pokemon must be the player's OT.
  • You must link your entry to a participating staff member via whisper to submit your entry.
  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined through the earliest catch time.
  • Must be part of the team to participate (unless you talk to me beforehand).


415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png 1st Place Prize




9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png 2nd Place Prize






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