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Piensen sobre esto/ Think about this

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Hola, vengo a proponer una idea, y es que pongan chat de voz, porque algunos (como yo) no nos da la posibilidad hacia el discord (ya sea por los datos móviles u otra cosa). Me gustaría que piensen sobre lo que propongo. Por favor, no me ignoren y saludos.



Hello, I have come to propose an idea, and it is that they put voice chat, because some (like me) do not give us the possibility of discord (either for mobile data or something else). I would like you to think about what I propose. Please don't ignore me and regards.

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There's quite a few obstacles when it comes to implementing an ingame voice chat, which is why in most MMOs there isn't one. 


The first one and of course the most glaring is that it's supremely difficult to moderate. It's no secret as well that this leaves room for a lot of harassment, which is much harder to deal with as opposed to text based chats. 


There's also really not much of a benefit in terms of gameplay considering there isn't any co-op content ingame which would require that type of communication. 


In the future please make sure to submit suggestions via this section: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/18-suggestion-box/


Thank you very much however for taking the time to suggest this.

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