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Sharing sad shiny hunt stories

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Although there is already a shiny existence thread in which people post their succesfull shiny-hunts, i needed a thread to post my fail, hopefully to be joined by other failures so we can share the pain.


After having invested more or less 160M in ditto's, i'm now at 540k so i'll have 3 boxes to finish my shiny-hunt soooo i guess this will be my shiny-hunt-fail-story. Started with all the COVID-situation breeding eggs a year ago and after more or less 55k eggs still no luck :'(


Please share your failed shiny hunts where you also never found the shiny you looked for :'(

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On 4/15/2021 at 8:02 PM, TipsyTurvy said:

Tried to hunt shiny Zorua on hordes. Did 50K+ encounters without knowing that you need to hit the hordes to reveal its shinyness then I got a shiny Petilil with 31 attack IVS. 🙂

What do you mean hit the hoards? It doesnt show as shiny right away? Plz clarify im confused. 

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I started hunting Shinx last August due to my sooo much luck I got 3 Shiny Pachirisu :'). I moved to Luxio and to my luck I got Shiny Magmar! I'm still on search for Shiny Luxio under 63k Encounters.

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