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It may sound dumb, but please hear me out.

I made a post in the club forum, and I chose "Hide" option because I wanted to release them later on but I lost the whole post and I couldn't find it.
It didn't show up as a Hidden post even though I am the Moderator of the club.

Any staff has an idea to help me please.


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Normally when you hide a post, it gets deleted aswell. Happened to me while trying to do an event in Clubs.

There is no way to get it back, imo.

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Contact the staff member(s) who oversee clubs.

iirc, I’m pretty sure the rules were made such that player ‘mods’ of clubs could hide posts but could not see or unhide posts that had been hidden. The main purpose was to prevent non-staff members from seeing content that is against the rules.


Looks like Sethsen and Mikyii are the current club mods.

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