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Link multi-player similar to Lunar event



In Lunar event, two players can enter together in a wild encounter battle if it is spawn in a distance near both players. When it happens, instead of 1 Pokemon is found, it is 2 pokemons, which is fair. If developers can copy the code already done, could they bring it to the normal history wild encounters?


I remember when I was passing through Rock Tunnel me and my friend had Flash but I couldn't see his flash and he couldn't see my flash. Could also configure the game to make a flash share if two players are in the same link?


And I was curious to know if can we catch a pokemon if there is 2 pokemon and one is sleeping? I think it is not possible.


With love <3,

Michele :3

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Honestly, its not that easy as copy and paste, it need more work to make it work in every encounter & every battle. You can always go to Battle Frontier with a friend and battle, but is gonna be hard to be implemented over all.


About the catching, if it gets impleted some day, both of you will need to kill one pokemon and catch the one alone.

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I personally don't think that it's nessesary to do it. You can just say to your friend the channel that you want him/her to be in (for example: Channel 3) and join them. If you are in Rock Tunnel, keep in mind that Flash is a HM, which isn't consumeable like the TMs and can be forgotten nowdays easily. My point is, learn it to a pokemon that you use a lot, like Meowth

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