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Every Departure Boat in all Region

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many players are confused as to which city the ship will ship back to another region or to another Region here is the list of ships and their city


Kanto Region = Vermillion City

After you finish the Cerulean gym which is misty water type gym leader you will go to the Vermillion city and you can easy access the Boat.


Hoenn Region = Slateport City

after you finish the second gym which is brawly fighting type gym leader Talk to mr. Briney and you will choose the Slateport and and you you will go there with Mr. Briney 


Sinnoh Region = Pastoria city 

after you finish the veilstone city gym leader Maylene the fighting type gym leader you will go to the Pastoria city.


Unova Region = Castelia City

after you finish fighting the team plasma with Burgh the bug type gym leader, he will invite you to go in Castelia City and take the badge of his gym.


remember four badges you need before you board the ship

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